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Petition for a sane EULA


Hi Typophiles,

I'd very much like to support independent type foundries. However, it seems that they generally have more restrictive licenses than the big names. Maybe this is because they're unaware if that is legally enforcable or not?

I'd like to propose the following EULA, inspired by the VIllage / Incubator EULA. Comments are given in {COMMENT}:

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser, and [FOUNDRY]. In accepting the terms of this agreement, you acknowledge understanding and promise to comply with its terms. If you do not accept the terms, please do not complete the purchase transaction.

Whither Gigofonts? or, does a EULA survive when a foundry dies?

I am interested in purchasing this display face, GF Script No 5. The foundry is listed as Gigofonts in Slovenia. Their website address goes nowhere, and a Google search (cursory, I admit) is a dead end as well. I wanted to contact them about options for an expanded license/EULA that would allow use to use the typeface in an e-book (i.e. without converting to outlines). When a foundry dies, what happens to the EULA?


Why do the clients have pleasure in violating the free and original fonts' EULAs?

Dear type designers

I tried to alert and alarm you about the piracy's and EULAs' violations dangers at ophello's topic, but you ignored me, didn't believe in me, if you continue ignoring me and being uncoscient of all, you'll be hazard being blackened and losing the market and money. Please be conscient of that all that you didn't know.

Free and original fonts' EULAs dangers

Dead Designers, Typographers & Foundry's

When can I copy and sell an expired Typographer's or a current Foundry's type collection if it goes out of business? I am actually being serious when I ask this with sarcasm infused.

I have noticed that roughly in the last 10 years that with the evolution of the internet and software programs, that so many past font specimens have been converted into "updated" versions of typefaces. I realize from previous threads and the comments provided that this takes skill and is really some sort of talent to pull off effectively. That is nice.