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wedge serif

Beautiful asian inspired wedge serif / Calligraphy options

Hey Guys,
I'm wondering if anyone can identify the typeface (Japanese Sign Language)? I'm also looking for alternate suggestions for asian inspired serif fonts (I've done a typophile search and have discoved a few limited options) I really want to stay away from any "cheesy" chinese style chop socky/takeout fonts. As well, I'm looking for a nice high quality calligraphy option (I realize the example provided is likely hand drawn) Thanks for any suggestions guys!

wedge-serif for 9pt setting


Dear typophiles,

I'm working on a text face mainly intended for magazines.
It's a low-contrast wedge-serif. My aim is good legibility at small sizes (9pt).

Looking forward for your valuable feedback.

Also I have some problems with hinting, letters start to wobble on screen in 400% zoom.
I did some manual hinting on top of autohinting(opentype) and it got better.

Feldspar (Nee Mixteca)


Ok, so I thought it time to come back to the crit forum after a bit of a break from here working on other designs.

Here is my new design, Mixteca Serif. You'll see in the pdf a bit of background about the design concept. Any crit would be very welcome; I'm hoping this can turn out to be really useable so tell me if there's anything you don't like or looks wonky. This has been six evenings' work, so I'm sure there's lots more to do. It reminds me a bit of Charter and a bit of FF Olsen, though I was thinking more along other lines: it actually started from playing with my first font, Eternal.

For some reason kerning didn't export with the otf file so the spacing looks a little gappy.

Look forward to hearing your opinions! :) Thanks!