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Name of this Font?

Hello, can anyone help me with the name of this font?


Hello! I know this an incredibly stupid font to ask you to name, but it would be nice to know. I've only seen it on Windows computers, and have seen it many times before. Does anyone know this font's name, if so... is it also downloadable?

In this specific case, this was just a screenshot I took from a youtube video. Do not mind what is says, it won't make any sense. Heh Heh.

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Need font name

Hi.... I need the name of this font.... Please!!!!

I'm trying to figure out the name of this typeface. It would be great if anyone can help me out. Thanks!

I was wondering how I should treat the styling on font/typeface names with an article I'm writing?
Do I simply capitalize it. Do I underline, quote, or italicize?

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Name this font

Hello guys!

Can you name this font?

It's kinda mistery for me :(

In the figure below, you'll see a screen shot of two windows showing the Open Type "name" tables for the "MS Mincho" and the "Cambria Math" MS fonts.

If you consider the platformID = 3 (Windows fonts) on both results, you'll see that the "MS Mincho" font shows correctly, names for the encodingID = 1 (Unicode BMP UCS-2) and 10 (Unicode UCS-4). But the "Cambria Math" font only shows encodingID = 1. It doesn't show the encodingID = 10 names. I know for sure the "Cambria Math" font has both encodings. Is this a bug ?

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Naming a font – trademark


Can anybody tell me if it is necessary to trademark a font name or the design prior to its release? Is there anywhere of searching if another released font shares the same name as your own font? (apart from Google searches)

Hi there :)

I have been looking all over the net to find this certain font's name.
I have found a similar one, named "Cute Tattoo", but that's not quiet it.
Can anyone help me?
thank you in advance :) x

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The name of this Font

Please, can someone recognize this font?

Hi all,
this is a question I will be happy to delete once I know the answer.

I am in Fontographer and saving my .fog file with the name of the font I want, lets call it "font.fog" for now (I don't have a name for the font anyway).

I "generate font files" to an .otf file and it comes out as "Untitled Regular".
everywhere I save the file beforehand, it has a name. how do I tell it what weight+name this file should be as an .otf?


What is your typical process when selecting a name for a typeface you're designing...

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Help choose a font name?

Ugh, I can't decide on a name for this font!

I narrowed it down to either "VAS DEF" or "Tubers".
But now I can't decide between those two.

I took a poll on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr,
but the results came out pretty even.
"Tubers" got a few more votes, but
"VAS DEF" had a much louder fan base
who type in all caps a lot.

I like both names, but I feel like I really
need to just pick one. So I need some help.
Font pic is below I think.

Which name do you like better?


Does anyone know why the typeface rockwell is called rockwell?

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