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can someone tell me what font is used on this logo?

Please, I need to know the name of this font.



Some time ago, I've created the diagram below and now I have to make some changes in it, but I can't remember what font I used. Could you please help? Thanks in advance.

I created an account just so I could ask this question:

What is the font used in this Media Kit? Specifically, what is the font used for the fancy "Ands" and "Thes" with the flourishes above/below. Is this even a font?

Your help is appreciated!

I would like to know the fonts used for these pictures and the font used in the video if anyone can identify any of them. thank you!

It's got a pretty aggressive beginning, so if you're not a metalhead, I suggest you simply mute your computer . . .

these pictures, as well

I have reason to believe that the fonts were not custom-made for the bands. These guys are not too popular, so I doubt they would hire someone to give them their own unique font.

I have a big assignment for school and I've decided to display my work in a fake magazine (I don't know if it makes any sense). I've chosen to take CLASH magazine as an inspiration for page settings but I have some trouble identifying the fonts they use and I'd really like to use the same since I think they look very good.
I'm posting a few pages, if you know the name of any font on it, please tell me (I don't care about the logo, though)
Sorry, I guess most of them must be quite obvious, but I don't know a lot about fonts.

Can anyone tell me what this font is?

Please let me know which font is this?


Could you please help me identify this font?

Please help me ID this font. I have used all the online tools, and consulted some designers but they have been unable to help. Can you?

Does anyone know the font in this logo? Would appreciate the help.

Thank you

Main text font from CLASH music magazine. i can't identify it, and i need to make an assignment about the font! guesses? please?! :)

I am looking for the font used for this logo. I tried browsing several diner style fonts but had no success. thanks for your help!

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Unknown Font

Is anyone familiar with this type?

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