Herb Lubalin

1. I'd like to know if all the typefaces of Herb Lubalin are available on digital format?
2. How many typefaces did he fashion with or without Tom Carnase?

Find a rough list of his work : Avant Garde Gothic, Lubalin Graph, Serif Gothic, Ronda, Didi.
Are there anymore typefaces?

3. How do you define the style of Herb Lubalin and what's his artistical leaning?

Thanks in advance.

Humorous resume by Herb Lubalin as published in the 1966 newsletter, "Thumbnail", Art Directors and Designers (ADDA) of New Orleans, http://typophile.com/node/53937

This delightful memory was recently discovered in the archives of AIGA New Orleans. ADDA was the forerunner of AIGA New Orleans.

I am doing a project for my type class and I need to find opinions on the fonts created based on and done by Herb. My professor mentioned Eloquent but I am wondering if there are anymore out there that are based off his hand lettering style headlines? Or any that are based off his Herb Lubalin Inc. logo?

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