I realise that in this day and age one is probably expected to have a moderately larg browser window, but nevertheless I like to use my brower non-maximized. This causes the right menu bar to overlap with the forum listings and the top menu with the top-left logo, as shown in the attached screenshot.

One possible solution to the forum listing issue is to make #squeeze be overflow-x: auto, which requires me to scroll horizontally to see the rightmost parts of the table, but that's perfectly fine. The top menu seems a bit trickier to do something about with the current CSS, which seems to rely pretty heavily on absolute positioning. The top menu isn't that much of an issue though, so feel free to ignore that.

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Double "/" bug

Hey there,

So... I've no idea why, but whenever I type "/" on my keyboard, when trying the font I'm designing, the slash doesn't appear. But then when I type "/" again, and it appears. So, every time I type "/" 2 times, only 1 "/" appears on my screen.

It happens in both FontLab preview and Illustrator. Any thoughts?

Sorry if somebody already posted this, I looked for another post with a solution but couldn't find anything.



I've stumbled upon a bug in Safari (and webkit browsers) when using the Mark feature in web fonts,
As demonstrated by the screenshot, when a word has diacritics either on the beginning or the ending, the word space gets omitted.

I've tried my own fonts, and multiples fonts by other vendors but i get the same result, Only fonts that implement the Mark feature display the error.
Is anyone else facing the same problem?

Tested on Safari 6.0.5/osx 10.8.5

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Slow Typophile website

Is it just on my side, but Typophile is extremely slow these days?

Internet Explorer and MS Word understand ligatures but a bug is causing them to display spaced out. IE10 displays ligatures correctly when new and degrades after updates. See the problem explained here

You like Futura, I like Formata. You like Univers, I like Avenir. You like what I don't like and I like what you don't like. So, let's call the whole thing off! We call it not letting the little things that bug us take us down.

in FL 5.1 when you generate a font whiteout copyright info (a beta version, for example) the new FL 5.1 will attribute your font to Adobe.
Adding this into your copyright: "Copyright 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved."
And this into your trademark: Please refer to the Copyright section for the font trademark attribution notices.
Not Good.

Also, in some case, it will "replace" your own copyright data.

The old FL 5.0 used to say "Generated in 2012 by FontLab Studio. Copyright info pending."

hello folks,

i'm building a font with a lot of alternative glyphs. i wrote a custom encoding file, with a list of alternative glyphs, each with a name suffix, e.g. Ccedilla.gt or Eogonek.ro.

however, when i select this encoding in the font window, in few cases, it shows the default glyphs in places where the alternatives should be. even when i actually create the alternative glyph, it still remains out of place. have anyone experienced this? does anyone know any solution?


Not too long ago Typophile added the useful ability to link to specific comments within threads. Clicking on the timestamp of any comment will produce the link.

I have noticed that this doesn't seem to work when the comment to be linked appears on a page beyond the first in a multi-page thread. The link doesn't insert the required "page=n&" into the address, so following the link just goes to the top of the first page of the thread.

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FontLab Update?!!!

not sure if any of fontlab developers are around, but please please …
when are you finally going to make an update?
last one you made an update was in 2007!
the actual version is hell of a buggy one, keeps crashing all the time!
come on people, do something!

I'm using Illustrator CS, though I also downloaded a trial of CS5 and this behavior is the same.

I have a brochure with columns of justified text 5" wide. I noticed that Illustrator wasn't breaking "multi-functional" on the hyphen and instead gave the previous line tons of word spacing. Testing with a new document, I can't get Illustrator to break on a hyphen, which seems baffling.

I don't want auto-hyphenation, but I tried turning it on and fiddling with its settings until it broke at the hyphen. Strangely, it then didn't justify the line ending with "multi-". Not good.

I also tried inserting a soft-return after "multi-" and again Illustrator didn't justify that line.

Anyone knows how to remove hundreds of random guidelines?
Is there any macro?, or something?

Thanks in advance!

Very strange, there were 5 unread replies of total 4. There are actually 5 replies in the thread.

Maybe Typophile is trying to tell me to read it more :-)

It still says there are only 4 replies.

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