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I am looking for shadow font suggestions similar to IMPRINT MT SHADOW. We're a sign making business and have a product line that enhances the shadow lines built into the font. I am looking for suggestions for fonts using the same or similar shadow effects.

Picture of an IMPRING MT SHADOW font attached.

Thank you for all your help!

I'm talking about Hunyad / Hunedoara Castle in Hundedoara, Romania. Information about the castle: in English; in German (more detailed).

Please visit this page for other photos of the place.

We're looking for appropriate typefaces to be used for display purposes in a branding project. "Appropriate" could mean inspired from that era / matches certain motifs from the buildings / etc.

Hi everybody.

I'm working in a identity project, I like Dessau Pro Drei for the wordmark but is only available in a package and cannot be purchased separately.

I'm looking for alternatives, nothing too expensive.

Thanks in advance.

Hey all,

I have a client who loves Quilline Script Thin for her photoblog, but the font does not have a built in "bold" or "medium" weight feature. A sample of the font is posted below. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what might be a viable substitution?

Thanks in advance for your feedback...


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