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Font suggestions

Looking for shadow font suggestions


I am looking for shadow font suggestions similar to IMPRINT MT SHADOW. We're a sign making business and have a product line that enhances the shadow lines built into the font. I am looking for suggestions for fonts using the same or similar shadow effects.

Picture of an IMPRING MT SHADOW font attached.

Thank you for all your help!

Appropriate typeface for 15th century Gothic-Renaissance castle?


I'm talking about Hunyad / Hunedoara Castle in Hundedoara, Romania. Information about the castle: in English; in German (more detailed).

Please visit this page for other photos of the place.

We're looking for appropriate typefaces to be used for display purposes in a branding project. "Appropriate" could mean inspired from that era / matches certain motifs from the buildings / etc.

Looking for a viable, bold/medium weight alternative to Quilline Script Thin

Hey all,

I have a client who loves Quilline Script Thin for her photoblog, but the font does not have a built in "bold" or "medium" weight feature. A sample of the font is posted below. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what might be a viable substitution?

Thanks in advance for your feedback...