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A serif partner to Akkurat


Hi folks,

Appreciate anyone who chips in to this. Fleshing out a branding/identity project and looking for pairing a serif typeface with Akkurat:


Akkurat is already established, used in the logo and has been used for body text. It is for a design agency. The challenge I've had is choosing a serif face to partner it. Why? When creating documents with longer passages of text, I'd rather not use Akkurat for absolutely everything. A lot of the clients are Universities and in the Education sector, and I always feel they prefer serifs as well (albeit ungrounded research).

neo-grotesque - love some feedback and criticism


it's far from finished:

the weight between characters is still a little uneven, and some letters i'm not sure about. i was thinking of scrapping the g and starting on a two-story g (along the lines of johnston, akkurat etc.)

i started by wanting to create a grotesque striped down to its simplest form by removing unnecessary terminals.

Pairing FF Fago with Akkurat


Have managed to persuade a client to reduce their corporate typeface from the awkward Fago range down to just using FagoExBold as a headline, and pairing this with Akkurat.

This works well to contrast the Character of the Fago headline font with a precise sans. Problem is Akkurat is too condensed for the aging design director as body copy, and does not read as comfortably as a text font. I have tried a -25 kerning and this seems to help.

But he is adamant the new Founders Grotesk is a better pairing for Fago! To me they seem to both have too much character to be seen together, and the clean nature of the Akkurat is a great contrast.

Any thoughts on how to make Akkurat work as body copy better? Or on the pairing choice?