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Hi Everyone:
I have been looking to find this font. I have contacted psl.com with no response.
can anyone point me in the right direction to find where I can find this font? PSL Isara AD Bold. (/S enlarged.)

Searching for an older post


I'm searching for an older post. The author needed help in identifying a Sans-serif and uploaded a picture in which the font was placed on a blue sky background, in the lower part of the image the roof a building is shown. The font's colour was white.

I can't remember the name of the topic/author and it's a rather new post, but i can't find it. I discovered it on Wednesday 13th.

Hope you can help me out somehow



Glyph names and searching


I want to add a t with a cedilla under it to an existing font. Unicode shows that character encoded as 0163 but the font already has a t with a comma accent encoded with 0163 with a glyph name of tcommaaccent.

I'm adding it to the PUA and THOUGHT that I could name it t_cedilla to make search engines find it when the regular t is searched. I've also tried naming conventions of tcedilla, t.cedilla and uni007400B8 (0074 is the t and 00B8 is the cedilla) but to no avail. The tcommaaccent character that was already in the font is found when a t is searched.

I'm exporting from InD CS3 and searching in Acrobat 9.

I THOUGHT I'd done this before in another font, but of course can't find where.