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Is LL Brown worth the hefty price tag? / Alternatives?


Looking for font suggestions/general insight.

I'm currently working on the website & art direction of a soon-to-be-launched women's online fashion shop. The feel of it is supposed to be "up scale" and kind of exclusive (not cute or kitschy at all). I have been trying out logo sketches and other things with Lineto's "Brown" typeface and LOVING the way it looks and how it communicates the brand.


Stencil - Le Corbus-it-ain't... - probably custom, various alternatives {Yves}

Posted this last week, but no replies... Am going to give it one more shot;

This rather lovely stencil face is on an old tin container i bought... Any suggestions as to what it might be/similar fonts?

Lineto's Le Corbusier seems to be along the right lines, but am put off slightly by the price-tag!


Gravur Condensed

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Designed by Cornel Windlin & Gilles Gavillet 1996-2001

Published by Lineto

One of the key features of everyday life in switzerland is standardisation, ranging from the look of waste bags to the design of letterboxes. interestingly, and maybe perversely, 99% of all swiss letterboxes and door bells are inscribed in exactly the same way. there must be a whole army of name plate engravers all over the country, all using exactly the type style. i redraw the font together with gilles gavillet, generating 5 different weights (and an unpublished set of 5 alternate fonts).

Courier Sans

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Designed by Practise & James Goggin 1994-2001

Published by Lineto

courier sans was originally designed in 1994 during the first year of my graphic design degree in order to circumvent the college’s tyrannical “courier only” rule of their pseudo-basel ‘basic typography’ exercises. by taking the generic macintosh system font and cutting off all the serifs, a pleasantly anonymous and functional, yet somehow stylish sans serif was created. i received a third for the exercise, but was able to refute accusations of rule-breaking with the answer: “ah, but you see: it’s courier SANS!”


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Designed by Joel Nordström 2002

Published by Lineto

The logo of a RAYGIL coffee machine was the starting point for this caps-only stencil font. The designer of the logo probably used a variant of Frankfurter and made a stencil version of the 6 characters he needed. KADA was drawn from scratch without further reference to Frankfurter and the result now serves well as a very bold and graphic headline typeface, offering 2 alternate character sets on the upper case and lower case within the same font.