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Does anyone know of a single typeface that has sans serif, serif, stencil, and inline (or outlined) styles? Again, I'm looking for a single typeface that has all of these styles included—I know, quite a tall order, but I'm curious if one exists. Audree is the only one I know that comes close. It has a so-called normal style, but not a pure sans serif.


The Vtg Stencil series of fonts from astype are based on real world stencils. Vtg Stencil Germany No. 101 is modeled after historic stencil plates from Bavaria.

These stencils are a unique find. The unevenness of the single plates suggest that they were not produced industrially. The design itself, a blackletter chancery, is a romantic reprise of a style that was common in German writing offices from the 14th to the 16th century. The flourishes stylistically quote the Baroque period. A talented mind, perhaps around 1890, has transformed the textura shapes into a modular stencil system.

Hello, my name is Sam Bartle from Distraction design agency. I am currently researching the use of typography associated with aircraft during WW2 and specifically the Lancaster Bomber, for use as part of the International Bomber Command Centre.

If there is anyone that can help advise me on how typography was used across different planes, how it was applied between factories etc. would be very much appreciated.

I am looking at the end of this process to produce or find an appropriate stencil font that can be used to cut out of metal panels the over 20,000 names of those that lost their lives flying from Lincolnshire during the war. It will be displayed at approximately 80pt.

Sam Bartle

Hi guys,

I am looking for a serif typeface along the lines of Marlene (, that has a large family which includes stencil cuts. I am working on an online magazine layout and would like to implement the stencil version as a hover effect for links.

The foundry selling it should therefore be able to host the type (have a web version).

Thank you!

astype releases Vtg Stencil US No. 2 and Vtg Stencil Ornaments A

available on Myfonts:
Vtg Stencil US No. 2 | Vtg Stecnil Ornaments A

companien fonts: Vtg Stencil US No. 51 | Vtg Stencil US No. 72

Hello, this is a street name in Venice in 1890. I'm looking for some informations about it. I would like to know what kind of type is, or what typeface is like to. I think that letters were painted with stencils.
Thank you very much.

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Vtg Stencil Germany No.1 from astype

Astype releases new stencil fonts: Vtg Stencil Germany No.1

astype site | specimen pdf | myfonts site

The Vtg Stencil series of fonts from astype are based on real world stencils. The Germany No.1 design was derived from authentic antique German stencil-plates.

Surprisingly these stencil-plates offer a high contrast Didot design very similar to the French stencils produced and sold till today. The production time of these stencils is in the range of the German imperial period (1871–1918). Of course the usage period was even longer.

Need some help identifying this font. It looks kinda like Stencil Antiqua but it has the distress cut marks. Any ideas?

Any ideas on the name of this stencil font?

Hi! I'm in search of the typeface used for signage all over Venezia, as the one showed in the picture. In the last Biennale di Architettura, designer John Morgan used it as inspiration for the biennale posters and branding typeface. It sure is much like Didot, but then is worked as stencil, like Charrette (which is mainly associated with Le Corbusier) and which is heavier and thicker than the one used in Venezia... I've done a basic search and found no information on the matter. Could you please help me out?
Thank you all!

I'm developing some custom type to be used on a sign adorning the boat barn my father is building. A stencil serif was requested and this is what I've come up with. It needs some cleaning up, as I drew it with the AI Blob Brush tool, but I'd be curious what others see regarding proportions and overall aesthetics. Once I'm happy with the type I'll manipulate it into a cohesive design around a half-hull model of the boat being built, which will live in the barn during the off-season.

I'm looking for the attached "military stencil" type font. Naturally, I'd love to find this one, but I suspect there is a fair chance it is a single custom job. I've looked through several pages, but the "R" style seems pretty unique. Thanks again.

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Identify Font

Can anyone please identify this font?
It may be created from scratch but perhaps it is based on an existing font.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a font like Hinge Marketing used in their identity.
This is probably custom made, but maybe there's a font on which this is based on (or a similar font)?

Thanks in advance.

This is the font used on music producer Clams Casino's website ( Would anybody be able to tell me what it is?

Does anyone know what font was used on the cover of The Who's My Generation album?


I'm trying to figure out the name of this typeface. It would be great if anyone can help me out. Thanks!

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Shadowed Stencil Font??

Hey guys, anyone know what this font is called? I ran it through What Font Is and Indentifont, with no results. I know its a stencil, but all the ones i've seen have different spacing on the letters. Any ideas??

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Stencil Typeface iD


I'm not shure if this type has been applied manualy with a stencil or if it exists also font – anybody knows?

thx in advance,

dear typophiles!

i am glad to show you my new release, ZionTrain Pro typefamily. I started this font five years ago for city transportation and overall city corporative font as a part of project of second largest Ukrainian city Kharkiv identity by 3z studio. when designing distinctive characters for the font i was wonder how shapes from Ukrainian calligraphy works fine for wayfinding grotesque (look at the tails of Cyrillic -щ- and -ц- for example). unfortunately, this type was not used as planned, but was lived on the street as font of some cultural events, and was used for Kharkiv promotion.

it was featured in Slanted magazine #18 Signage/Orientation.

Hi All

Can someone please ID this? Found in the book Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Works, Phaidon.

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Stencil Font

Can someone name that font?

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Stencil Style Font

Anyone know the exact (or close) font used here? For "Aerobleu," "Jazz Nightly" and "Paris":

Wood Bonnet Antique No.7
Made from real vintage wood type.
PDF Specimen | MyFonts

Vtg Stencil US No.4
Made from original revolving stencil plate.
PDF Specimen | MyFonts

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Garamond Stencil

Does anyone have any idea what this font is?

It's very similar to Garamond stencil: but not as solid.. and there seems to be only two cuts of Garamond stencil that exist. "What da Font" is also no help as the forms are broken and the app, for example, confuses each side of the 'O' as separate letters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanking you all in advance.


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