What's the name of this font?


I am a big fan of Whitney Houston, and i decided that i want to tattoo a WH on myself, but i really want to use this font that u guys can see on the CD, this was the font that she used to use on every CD/DVD and on her clothes, can somebody please help me and tell me the EXACT name of this font? it is not Freestyle Script, because i already tried it and it have some differences. thanks.

XPSchooner font 1996 Mac

I discovered this font in 1996 in an old Macintosh eworld forum. I used it to produce newsletters until about 2000. I had it saved on my old Mac as a Truetype font. I was unable to transfer it to another machine, and I've been trying to find it ever since. It was then known as "XPSchooner." I am aware that there is a script font nowadays known by that name.