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Typography and (digital) InkJet printing

As a designer I’m nowadays more and more involved with inkjet technology, for short-run digital book and journal printing. Having fine-tuned my (typographic) design choices with trial and error, I want to hear what other professionals in the field are thinking about this. I inspected type quality in terms of color, outline and overall readability, and most typefaces used in classic offset print don’t give the same result in digital print.

Barcode Font Help

I'm trying to set up some bar codes, these need to be printable as fonts with limited pre processing, I've selected a barcode called Code 93 which is quite condensed compared to say, Code39 (its predecessor)

I'm now trying to get/create a font for it as it seems to be hard to track down (and I have no budget to fork our $100 dollars) I have had some success fixing a broken free font but I'm a bit lost at the "Hinting/Instruction" aspect.

I'm trying to print this barcode on a 203dpi Thermal transfer label printer, what kind of auto hinting etc do i need to do get this to work (From MS word initially and a FoxPro form generator down the line)

[or does anyone have a working free version, the first results on google lack start and end characters required]


March Metal Type News

The March edition of the Metal Type newsletter is now out. Click this link to take a look at the video: http://j.mp/k5KA95

As well as the usual site news, there's footage of the Adana 8X5 Hot Foil platen that I have recently restored to working condition.

If you don't already get newsletters from Metal Type, you can subscribe here: http://bit.ly/n3wkjc

Don't forget that it's free to place an ad on Metal Type Classifieds. Anything print-related can be posted. For Sale or Wanted, even print-related services. It is now possible to post pictures, and links to your own page or Etsy shop: http://j.mp/UeZUyC

All the Best
Dave Hughes
York, UK

Print Handbook

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know about the 2nd edition Print Handbook. It might be the sort of thing you find useful. Each order now comes with a digitally printed sheet so you can compare offset to digital printing.

Take a look: http://www.printhandbook.com

Plus, here are a few freebies too: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/91438316/PHFreebies02.zip


Designers who know Rome: name/contact of famous engraving/printing house?

Hi, I have a gig coming up in Rome...the last time I was there, one of my colleagues had some super-nice calling cards engraved at a famous, old printing/engraving place...she said it's called Barberieni, and it's located close to the House of State...

I've looked and googled everywhere and cannot find anything about it online, which seems to be not uncommon for Italian places of commerce ;)

Any Roman designers here (or designers who know Rome) who may know more about this place and where they are located, exactly?


Durable Media For Outdoors

Hi there gang,
Got a new project on at my work where I've been asked to come up with assessment media (books or pamphlets)which can been used in the outdoors.

So for example - a trainer would take this assessment book or sheet out into the field on his/her mountain bike or kayak to assess a trainee on practical stuff.

We currently have notebooks with waterproof paper that can be written on with Biro pen, but other then that, I don't know where to start looking for this type of printed media! Any one heard of this kind of stuff?


Webfonts: Do any browsers support printing them?

My question is about linked webfonts, (not the web-safe installed fonts like Georgia & Verdana). Is it possible to print using them from a browser? I heard Firefox was going to implement this, but have not seen it work yet. Was that functionality intended for naked font linking only (.otf & .ttf but not .woff) or a rumor wholly unfounded?

Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't


I have an OT font with TT outlines, created in FontLab and processed with VOLT to add the OT features. VOLT compiles fine and the font installs without complaint in Vista. Screen appearance is fine. We'll call this font X. When I print a document to my LaserJet 4P, all is well; when I print to my HP OfficeJet Pro, the font does not print at all. On a page with text in various fonts, everything prints fine except the portion in Font X; if the document is completely set in Font X, the entire page is blank. Yet Font X embeds properly in PDFs, and the PDF prints on the OfficeJet as well as displaying properly on screen. I should mention perhaps that the font supports Hebrew as well as Latin and Greek (but the problem occurs with all three scripts).