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opentype features

Accessing OpenType features

Former Typophile moderator Zara Vasquez-Evens has written an interesting article on Medium (https://medium.com/@CommandZed/thoughts-on-an-improved-opentype-ui-c6748...), prompted by the recent petition for a better user interface for accessing OpenType features in design software (http://ilovetypography.com/2014/10/22/better-ui-for-better-typography-ad...).

A few selected quotes:

Greek ligatures problem in InDesign CS6


Dear friends
Im not enough experienced with FontLab and I need some help. Im facing the following problem while working in InDesign (CS6 - v.8.0.2, MacOSX 10.9.2). OpenType fonts with Greek ligatures do not show old texts correctly when OT features are enabled, in contrast with texts typed from scratch.

Old/new text
Language: Greek
Ligatures: enabled
Result: no ligatures
Old text
Language: English
Ligatures: enabled
Result: corrupted text with ligatures
New text
Language: English
Ligatures: enabled
Result: ligatures ok

Has anyone encountered also this problem? Is this an Adobe or a FontLab issue? Any help or suggestion will be very much welcomed. Thank you very much in advance!

Konstantinos Siskakis

OpenType Features Editor Feedback


The OpenType Features Editor, available for free download from http://www.timrolands.com/More/Downloads.aspx, has now been downloaded more than 200 times. I am eager for any feedback on this tool.

How is the UI? Could the generated feature code be better? Are there features that are not generated correctly? Any bugs? Any suggestions for improvement?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Contextual Alternates and increased tracking



I'm wondering, if there's any chance to prevent Indesign and other applications from breaking letter combinations when the tracking threshold is exceeded.
I've some kind of (faked) random opentype feature programming in the contextual alternates feature of my font. For it's not a script font and the letter combinations are not meant as ligatures, I'd like to deactivate this behavior in type setting applications, preferably by Opentype programming. I guess it's not possible, but maybe... Any suggestions?