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opentype programming

Alternative letters in the same Open Type font


Hello experts on the field

I created a font that has 2 variations of the capital letters and 3 variations of the lower cases. It is a serif font traced from a popular children's book from the end of the 19th century so it was done by hand. I consulted the 2006 post by steff_en and got some answers.


I set my classes and followed twardoch instructions and I got no errors, I generated the font but it does not do what I intended. That is: everytime I type a particular letter for the second or third time I want them different. As I mentioned, I made 3 versions of every small cap letters and 2 versions of the capital letters.
Ex: in the word "tomorrow", I would like the three "o"s and the two "r"s to be diferent in the same word.

Contextual Alternates and increased tracking



I'm wondering, if there's any chance to prevent Indesign and other applications from breaking letter combinations when the tracking threshold is exceeded.
I've some kind of (faked) random opentype feature programming in the contextual alternates feature of my font. For it's not a script font and the letter combinations are not meant as ligatures, I'd like to deactivate this behavior in type setting applications, preferably by Opentype programming. I guess it's not possible, but maybe... Any suggestions?