Font Problem TTF true type font

Font Validation


I'm using FontLab 5.0.2 at OS X 10.7.2 (MacBook) and the fonts that I generated with them don't works at OS X 10.5.8 (MacBook Pro) . This newest version of OS try to validate the .ttf archives and tells me that 'serious errors' were found. The system only links the error with the file, without further explanation. Thus, I can't install my new fonts on my new computer. On the other hand, I'm using the same fonts in the older system without any problem. What's happening? How can I solve this?

Font installation Problem


Dear All,
i have a problem with this font i have, its a true type font file, i need to install it in anyway possible, the problem is i can't seem to be able to, i've tried installing it on Mac and PC nothing is working, i get a message
"The requested file [file path] does not seem to be a valid font file." on my PC

note that the font is non Latin and we were able to install it on my friends machine, i've tried to import it to fontlab but nothing seems to be working, please can anyone help me with this?...

and another thing whats the deal with the 0kb font files i sometimes get??
Please if there is anyway i can fix this problem, it would be highly appreciated....