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Contemporary Type Specimen Recommendations?

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so excuse any problems as I'm new :)

I am about to start a new brief for my BA Graphic Design course and I have chosen to do a competition brief set by the ISTD (link below).
There are a few briefs to chose from but I have chosen one which involves creating two contemporary and explorative type specimens for two of Monotypes fonts.

In relation to this I wanted to ask here and see if anyone knows of any really good contemporary type specimens, that I can look at for inspiration. I have searched and found some, but wanted a second, third or fourth opinion :)




Bad lettering.

Badly drawn lettering will never go away. We, who absolutely despise it, should learn to accept it as part of the typographic landscape. Then, we should ignore it! Some of it looks pretty good. But, that's not what draws some people to what's being sold. It's like Jackson Pollock's so-called paintings. People dove head first into that, just because it was unique. Strike bad lettering! How about unique? At least some of those informal forms are unique. To each, their own.

Chorus Typeface

Chorus Typeface
In music Chorus means a collective effort to sing in unison. Harmony and uniformity are it's key characteristics, the same has been integrated in this typeface. Every letterform has been designed so as to reflect harmony and uniformity when used together to form a letter,
sentence or paragraph.

Available for purchase on: