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Hi There,
I'm looking for an alternative to Avant Garde Gothic Book to be used on an app. The license is $2000-4000 for the server/app usages which is too steep for us. I've tried whatthefont and a few other places but don't seem to be able to find anything close.

Could anyone suggest some alternatives which are less expensive or free?

Thanks very much indeed!


Hi buddies!

I would like to know what font is this one...
Looks like a modified avant garde... i don't know.

you can see it in live here (in the header): http://blog.apracticeforeverydaylife.com

I've tried to look for it in the css with no success...

if anyone can help me out...

Thank you so much in advance!



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sexy sans serif

really like the leg of the "R" very "avant garde"ish, but obviously condensed. any ideas on the font? looking at the "by the numbers" font.


I'm designing a website in which headlines will use Avant Garde. But I'm having a very hard time coming up with a companion font for body type. Whatever I try seems to clash.
Can someone recommend a websafe font that I can use in combination with AG?

these are basically the options I have to work with:

Hi All,

Can anyone shed some light on Avante Garde - is it possible to get a webfont licence for it? Can't find one anywhere?

Failing that - has anyone any idea of an alternative with a webfont licence?

Many thanks, Si

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- Pitchfork

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Complimentary font for Avant Garde?

Hi there,
I've designed a logo for a sales and marketing consultant using the Avant Garde font and now am having trouble finding a font for the contact information etc. that would complement it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

this "SUPER" can be found in the capcom games "super muscle bomber," "super street fighter 2" (and turbo), and "super street fighter 4." i think the "HYPER" in "hyper street fighter 2 anniversary edition" uses the same font, but i don't have a screenshot of that for comparison.

i originally thought it was a condensed bold or black futura, but the S is too different. i'd like to think this is all one singular font, however, as opposed to mixing futura and helvetica or something.

(solved - "Avant Garde Gothic Bold")

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