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Character Ssa in Tamil script



My name is Mario and this is my first post in this great forum. Sorry for my english if I don't write correctly hehe.

I have a trouble designing my first Tamil script. Specifically with the character ஷ (Ssa). The typography I designing will be for wayfinding, and of course I want to be the most legible as possible. Searching in webs, I found three ways to draw this character, and my question is if one of them is more common, more correct, or more legible. I also could create an alternative character, but I prefer to know the best drawing for Ssa and then choose it as default.

I attach a jpg with my three versions of Ssa.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

convert polygonal to oval shape


how do you convert a polygonal shape into a smooth oval shape in Illustrator?. the goal is to obtain a smooth curve that runs through the anchor points and not the red or the blue curve you can see in this image.

red=start polygon
green=approximate curve inside the polygon
blue=not fitting outside curve derived from the inside curve

Tracing a Font?

What are your thoughts about tracing or redrawing fonts? I know it's unethical, and maybe ilegal some times, but what about when you don't have the budget to buy a font family, but would like to use it on your projects? And by tracing, I mean doing the curves from zero, using the font as a guide, then using the vector shapes to "set" the type.

It happened to me when I worked on a little shop where the projects had a very little budget. We focused on poster design, and surprisingly, each poster design costed about what a regular font costs. We loved Helvetica, but obviously didn't have the money to buy it, so one time we thought about drawing all the characteres and setting each one of them manually in our projects. We didn't, and instead, focused on using free or really cheap fonts...