ApollinePTF, is a french classic dedicated to text settings and editorial projects. 2011 is year of the renaissance for this popular typeface now available in 10 series, romans + italics.

Ardoise PTF, inspired by the best of newspapers needs, renews taste for simple and tense shapes. A new 45 series, 4 widths sanserif family.

→ You will received an printed specimen with your purchase.

→ Be among the first ten to buy a pack of Ardoise PTF and receive the PTF bag with your purchase! Normally it apply only to any purchase superior to €211.

Allumi Std was originally created by Jean François Porchez in 2009. This new variation “Std” is the basic version of the tailored Allumi PTF. Allumi is a sleek typeface designed with technology in mind. It’s a perfect font family of 27 series for any communication concerning design, robotics, or functionality.

6 weights pack: from € 140 / $ 145 for 2 users. Buy it!

One weight: from € 50 / $ 65 for 2 users. Buy it!

During the summer 2009 we’ve been asked by Real Simple to customize Parisine PTF for their own use. We've adjusted few things for Real Simple and created new weights. Today, we've integrated this idea of intermediate weights into Parisine PTF Gris: A new Regular between the original Parisine PTF Clair Bold and Parisine PTF Regular (as on the image above). Bold follow same mechanism. Finally, it’s also why this new sub-family was called *Gris* (Gray in English).

Parisine Office Std was originally created by Jean François Porchez for RATP in 2005. This new variation “Std” is the basic version of the tailored Parisine Office PTF who feature a smaller xheight and perform better on text setting, editorial projects. The design of the italic lowercases is more cursive than in Parisine PTF. Two sets of figures are provided—standard, oldstyle, and lining—in tabular widths.

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