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[FontLab] Trouble exporting kerning


I'm stumped; I'm not seeing kerning changes exported in FontLab, with I process that I *thought* had worked before. Here's what I do:

I go to Window->New Metrics Window. I change to Text Mode, and type:


I change the Metrics Window to Kerning mode, and nudge the 'o' far enough to the right it's obviously wrong. I go to Tools->Quick Test As . . .

And . . . I see no change.

Maybe someone could tell me what steps I'm missing? I have Class Kerning with exceptions, and I've also tried rebuilding the Kern feature.

why distorted contours after export?


I am having an anoying problem generating an opentype font in fontlab:
After merging contours and generating the otf-file, my font looks fine in the preview and in fontexplorer, but when I want to use it e.g. in indesign or illustrator, some of the contours are distorted (in Textedit it works alright though). When I create outlines, all the contours look fine again.
see in the picture how it should be and how some letters are rendered.

this happened in two completely different fonts I drew.
I am using font nuke, so it does not seem to be a cache problem.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens?


A New Tool for Type Designers: TypeBridge

A New Tool for Illustrator folks: TypeBridge

Hi. I just wanted to comment in regards to the folks who were having difficulty with the transfer between Illustrator and TypeTool/FontLab. The way that FontLab works is logical, given that in font world there are no decimal numbers. However, for folks who are very comfortable in Illustrator, it would be nice to have a tool that automatically rounds all points (which have already been drawn) to whole points while keeping the integrity of the font.

Exporting References MS Word > Indesign


Hi Typophiles,

I've got an essay which has been written in MS Word and I'm trying to transfer it into Indesign for aesthetic purposes. I'm not too concerned with re-setting the type however I have a number of references in the copy which are linked to footnotes. Is there any way of exporting those references to Indesign so that they are still linked to the relevant text?


Easy way to generate a Glyph/Character Map of fonts?


Does any one know how to create a Glyph/Character map, say like how myfonts.com uses? http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/fontbureau/juliana/text-roman/characters.html

I am trying to create some previews of my font designs, but cannot find a way to do something like this, and in a batch process. Any ideas?