FontForge difficulty

S.O.S. send to all FontForge specialist !



First of all my english is very bad, so I'll do my best (I'm french...)

So what's the problem?

I have created a font on FontForge on a PC with Ubuntu, following all the instruction carefully.
I had a previous version of this font generated by FontForge wich work fine on Ubuntu and Windows, except some special glyph that I had not yet make.

So I've modified some glyphs and Generate it another time, but this work dosn't work !
When I open the .OTG or .TTF with the windows font overview, their is no more infos about the font creator, copyright, etc... And no more font visible. Their is just the type name - Ammobox -, but no more.

Notice that the font work perfectly on my ubuntu PC...

Have you ever had this problem?