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.fnt file conversions


Our company owns licenses for the Frutiger family through Monotype. We would like to convert our Frutiger font files to the .fnt file format. The .fnt file format can be used by an engraving machine we've purchased to produce facility signage.

We've come to an agreement with Monotype for a custom license that allows the conversion.

However, Monotype no longer has the capability to complete the conversion to .fnt. We need a separate font company to assist in the file conversions and any necessary font adjustments.

Any suggestions for groups that we might approach for this effort?

I've reached out to some of the more well-known foundries. So far the responses are not good. No one is equipped for .fnt creation.

font files = zero bytes?

I have been working on a project at work and threw it on my Dropbox to work on at home a bit... while the InDesign file is fine, all of the typeface files are zero bytes and don't work! Hmm... figured it was just a weird thing, so I tried it again, and also emailed the typeface to me (both zipped up, and by attaching each file singularly). And again... zero bytes.

I am at a loss - very strange problems. Any ideas?