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Herbert Bayer typeface ultra-accurate revival


Hey people, this is "my" (well not really mine, it's just a vectorization) first font!

I decided to revive this after I saw some sketches of the 'universal alphabet' and discovered the digital versions were just cleaned versions of his wood-type printings... but as they were tests they had small imperfections (like bad curves etc) that when vectorized and look worse when we use them on bigger sizes.

Here's the three wheights I made based on his prints (only the A, full character set on PDF):

Ah! I'm making this inspired by the old Multiple Masters technology so I used the same number of nodes in all characters so they are blendable to make an infinite number of wheights! No numbers yet.

Arial in Hogsmeade?

One of my good friends is in Orlando this weekend for the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Islands of Adventure. I was flipping through her photos, when I saw this:

Now, I know that the wizards have previously established themselves to not be great graphic designers (see this thread), so I can excuse the mismatched alignments in the fares table. But you would think that without access to digital technology the wizarding world would provide some sanctuary from that oh-so-ubiquitous Arial. But no, even in the wizarding world it appears that Arial manages to make its presence felt.