The Kickstarter project Endangered Alphabets II: Saving Languages in Bangladesh might be of interest here.

In short, their aim is to record the Indic alphabets used by the indigenous languages spoken in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Southern Bangladesh, such as Mro, Marma, Tripura, and Chakma. The project creator Tim Brookes will carve signs using these alphabets for his Endangered Alphabets exhibition, and a typographer and a calligrapher will collaborate to produce typefaces that can be used to print children's schoolbooks in these languages.

The project description page is somewhat vague about just how endangered these scripts and languages are and what the current situation is, so I've drawn up a quick background about the four languages mentioned.

I am part of a small studio called People Collective and we are starting a new project/experiment in the creation and distribution of type. We have written a blog post that details our plans here but in short, hope to fund the creation of a typeface through KickStarter. We'd really like to hear your thoughts on both the creation/distribution concept and the specific design options we post to the blog over the coming weeks, thanks!

-Colin & Aaron

Hello all,

My name is James Pannafino and I have worked on / am developing a Typographic Comic. It uses all type and no images ... it's different than most comic books but can still carry a narrative experience.

I have started a kickstarter campaign to help support this kind of project. So far I haven't gotten much support, not sure if it's a project most people are into. I am reaching out to fellow type lovers to see if you can help. If you know anyone that might be interested please feel free to pass the kickstarter link on to them, also if you are on facebook or twitter any mention help would greatly.

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