Alternative to Knockout

Hello All,
I'm looking for an alternative to the fantastic Knockout by Hoefler & Frere-Jones...
I'm trying to recreate a vintage concert poster, which features many weights and widths of classic gothic sans serifs, and am hoping to find something with a large selection of widths and weights like Knockout...
I love Knockout, just trying to see if I can find something more unique...

Potential alternatives to Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed?

After almost seven years of putting it off the time has finally come to assemble a portfolio and stationary etc. Over the last few months I've been looking at a number of typefaces to use for 'branding' myself so to speak and have almost certainly settled on Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed Light and Regular.

The things I love –

  • The vertical sides to the C, D, G, O and Q characters.
  • It's subtly square–ish appearance (for example the bowl on the P and R characters).
  • The straight diagonal leg of the R character.
  • It's history and heritage.
  • I love condensed fonts.
  • It is very utilitarian and simple.
    • The things I do not love –

    Logotype Kerning Advice

    Hello All,
    Hoping I might get some helpful advice on kerning this type. I'm looking at the two Xs as well as the L and S as potential starting places. As it stands the leg of the L is slightly shortened to reduce the amount of negative space between the L and S. The + sign aligns with the center of the H.

    My original intent was to keep the type in a tight rectangular shape. Looking at it now I'm not sure what the best strategy would be – tighten the space (possibly overlap the two X's) or instead increase the amount of space around the other letterforms for balance. Perhaps the leading is an issue as well.

    Any insights or tips would be appreciated.

    Thinner version of League Gothic (or good alternative?)


    I was seeking a web-embeddable alternative to Knockout and was thrilled to find League Gothic in all its awesomeness. However, it’s a touch too thick. I’m looking to be closer to Junior Bantamweight version of Knockout.

    Do any alternatives/options exist? Does League Gothic come in different weights? Thanks in advance for the help.

    Mixing Knockout JuniorFlyWeight


    Hello there,

    I always like working on mixing type, it might be frustrating, in the end you always find something nice. However, this time around, it seems really hard. I am looking for a serif typeface that fits Knockout's JuniorFlyWeight, it shouldn't be as compressed as Knockout itself but a little more condensed than your normal Garamond or Chronicle. I am working on an editorial design and I'm trying to achieve a little bit more elegance with the fonts' thin and high letterforms.

    Looking forward to your recommendations and thank you in advance!