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grid systems

Modular Grids Tutorial



I was looking through some Computer Arts tutorials and came across Mark Bloom's modular grid system in illustrator.


I thought it was refreshing to see Computer Arts highlight how a designer works with a grid system in their day-to-day design projects.

I was wondering what people thought to the process Mark uses? I am interested to hear everyones thoughts about creating Modular grid systems, perhaps you feel you have a better solution? or perhaps you work for a design studio that likes you use grids a certain way?

Appreciate anyones thoughts?


Should we use a baseline grid for page layout or not?


I'm hoping I've posted this in the right section. (If not please move my topic! I would greatly appreciate!) I was talking a designer and that has never used the feature to lock the paragraph(in InDesign) to the baseline grid. I got to thinking because looking at the baseline grid right after you click the lock feature it ruins the leading set up. I know that you need to change the baseline grid first to adjust to the leading of the body copy text, but then I had this project where I made so many lines for the baseline grid in order to accommodate the text to fit the layout and not have the leading have wide gaps which would have given a lot of space between each line.

Josef Müller-Brockmann Grid Systems and Golden Ratio


I am an artist and I have recently become very interested in Josef Muller-Brockman's grid systems however I am very new to this sort of system and would like to better understand the math at work in the construction of the grids so that I can construct a 20 cell grid for a page that is the golden ratio (ie. the height is 1.618 * the width).

I am using the 20 grid on page 77 of Josef Muller-Brockman's Grid Systems in Graphic Design as a reference, however the page the book is printed on is not exactly a golden ratio, nor is the grid area a true golden ratio.