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font creation

Best Font Creation/Editor Software


I recently designed a font in Adobe Illustrator, and I am attempting to turn it into a font format. However, I do not know what the best software for this situation is. I was hoping that I could find a program that would allow me to import the file I already created and simply change it into a font format.

Any help would be appreciated.

How font name views in CS


I've created a font in Font Lab as a kind of experiment, worked out the metrics / kerning pairs and exported it as as TT font. It works fine, but when in Illustrator / Indesign the font name appears in brackets in a defualt font rather than appearing in it's own font style. Has anyone come across this - it's no biggie, but i really want it to look as good as all the other fonts, and it looks a bit budget.

Copy and paste


Hi all,

I'm in the process of creating my first font and was wondering if you (more experienced) guys could answer me a quick question: how much cut and paste is ok? What I mean is this: can I simply re-use my b for p (and q), or n from h, or r from n and so on. (I documented some of this in a blog post a blog post, if you are interested.) Should design every letter from the ground up or can I use this kind of shortcut?

I'm not sure if this kind of copy and pasting is messing up the rhythm of the font or if it is actually standard practice.

Thanks, HP

vote: what font to create first?


I working with Tim Botts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Botts on converting some of his calligraphy to fonts.

Initially, we're going to take one font through the creation process just to get a feel for the process. So, I'd like to start with a good one. Beyond the initial posting, this will help to give me an idea of what to create next as well.

Here are the options that I'm selecting from. The image below is a composite of Tim's calligraphy and Barry Smith's http://studiosmith.blogspot.com/ design work.

If you care to vote, I'd be interested in hearing on the following...
- which is your favorite
- what font would you be most likely to buy, and why

Thanks for you help!