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Sans + Serif pair with identical metrics?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a pair of a sans-serif and a serif typefaces which have identical metrics to each other. The only genuine one I can find even mentioned is McClatchy super-family, but that's a custom commission. Luzi Type's Messina almost hits the mark (and both the sans and serif are perfect style-wise), but they differ just a bit.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

What Do You Think About Hydrogenic Sans


Hello my name is Jose Luis Ruvalcaba and I'm currently attending The Art Institute of Phoenix. I'm a senior and pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I'm currently enrolled in a font design class and I just completed my typeface! I would love your personal and professional opinion. Please let me know what you like and what would make this typeface better.

Hydrogenic Sans
By: Jose Luis Ruvalcaba

Sans Serif on-screen type system suggestions welcome


I'm looking for suggestions for a headline and body typeface system of one or two max typefaces that will pair well on-screen with an existing logo that uses very tightly kerned Trebuchet. Aiming for elegance, readability and approachable in the high-tech zone. All suggestions are very appreciated. Thank you.

New release: Camphor


I am delighted to announce the release of my first commercial font, Camphor™ now available in six weights with corresponding italics from Fonts.com, Linotype.com and ITCFonts.com. (Camphor™ is also available to commercial subscribers of Fonts.com Web Fonts.)

Camphor™ comes in OpenType Standard and Pro formats with broad support for Central and Eastern European langauages.

OpenType features include:

Ardoise PTF by Typofonderie


Ardoise PTF, inspired by the best of newspapers needs, renews taste for simple and tense shapes. A new 45 series, 4 widths sanserif family.

→ You will received an printed specimen with your purchase.

→ Be among the first ten to buy a pack of Ardoise PTF and receive the http://PTF bag with your purchase! Normally it apply only to any purchase superior to €211.