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Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic and Mrs. Eaves

I am currently formatting my resume and was thinking about using Trade Gothic for headings and having the rest of the text in Mrs. Eaves. It looks good to my relatively untrained eye but I've noticed that usually it is suggested that Mrs. Eaves be paired with a geometrical sans serif. Is this a blasphemous combination or is it ok? Any suggestions and advice welcome!

Trade Gothic Ultra Compressed?

I was wondering if the font used on the covers of the books A Book a Part (http://www.abookapart.com) would be some ultra compressed version of Trade Gothic?

I am wondering because:

1. It looks a lot like Trade Gothic (and probably is)
2. Jason Santa Maria, who is noted as the designer of the books has expressed his love for Trade Gothic on several occasions online.
One is in Fontshop newsletter http://www.fontshop.com/blog/newsletters/june10a/indexEMAIL.html and a small part of one cover is shown, but that super condensed/compressed version shown is not available at Fontshop, as far as I can see.

So, if anyone knows: Where can I buy this font?


Sigurdur Armannsson at 64°N

Trade Gothic (Extended) in Cyrillic?

I need to create an English/Russian publication for a company using Trade Gothic font family as their corporate typeface. I've found equivalents for the Regular, Regular Italic and Bold styles on ParaType website (namely http://News Gothic) but am having difficulties finding replacements for the Extended and Bold Extended styles. Do you know any other Cyrillic typeface that could be used as a replacement to Trade Gothic, with regular and extended widths? Many thanks.

FCC Redesigns with Trade Gothic


The FCC just relaunched their web presence with a new BETA site yesterday. Interestingly, there is a very nice general tightening up of the brand across the board, and they are utilizing Trade Gothic Extended quite prominently.

I'm curious if any code ninjas could let us know how they are pulling this off ?