haas grotesk

Maax is a sans serif font with 3 sets of alternatives glyphes; standard, geometrical, grotesque
Created by Damien Gautier and Quentin Margat (bureau 205)
Maax contains 4 cuts (Regular, Medium, Bold and Black) and 3 italics (Italic, Medium Italic and Bold Italic).
Maax will be available on february 2012 on www.editions205.fr


Hi, I thought this might already be on here, since its fairly old news, but found nothing on the search so:

I would like to find out what the serif font is in the new(ish) Bloomberg Businessweek design. The sans I believe is the Haas Grotesk by Schwartzco Inc. (http://christianschwartz.com/haasgrotesk.shtml), but I can't figure out the text font. I feel a little stupid because I'm sure this has been talked about, but google gave me nothing.


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