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Free font? or not?


I'm pretty sure this font can be this one

However i'm wondering if there's a free font very similar to this one... Because I'm almost 100% convinced that who did this logo used a free font..

Thank you for your help

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Possible pixel font


I apologize for the sample image being so small but I could only find it used in this one image.
Font reads "Monsoon2D" if you're having any trouble. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Here's another prototype font for our upcoming animation. This was more or less my freehand corrected in a vector graphics package.

Download Inklings

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Swordling is a prototype font for an upcoming cartoon project. Archive contains both vector and bitmap files. I'm considering using photofont plugins in order to preserve colors.


need to know what this font is ...been loooking around everywhere and cant seem to find it

We're doing some boat lettering and need to replicate a font, but need the letter M. The picture was also taken on an angle so we can't trace it.

The file is below.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm looking to find the font for Freakazoid title from the show's logo.

Any help greatly appreciated. :)

Leibix, inspired by a jolly trademark of the past, is a fun family of five typefaces which transcends different eras of the past. It has elements of the 1920s in its design, but is equally at home with projects having a 1970s theme of an up to the minute modern one. Leibix is intended for eye catching cartoon captions, in posters of anywhere else a casual impact is required.

Greater Albion is offering Leibix at an introductory 40% discount on Myfonts.

Greater Albion has just launched Flapper, a family of four faces on Fontspring and

Flapper is family which embodies a great deal of fun and more than a little spirit of the roaring 20s. If ever a set of typefaces could dance a high kicking Charleston, these are they. Flapper is offered in regular, condensed, oblique and outline forms, and they all bring a great deal of fun and life wherever they are used. The Flapper family (yes, think of one of those dancing 20s girls with a long string of pearls...) is ideal for casual heading, bold captions, poster work and anywhere else a sense of fun is required.

Hello. I am trying to find some appropriate fonts for a casual iphone game to be used in the HUD (score and other interface elements) and the the main menu. It should have a cartoony look.

Books and articles about typography usually don't mention nothing about cartoon typography. What is considered good taste in this kind of style?

It is difficult to identify what current games are using because the fonts usually have a type treatment. For example, what is the font used in these examples?

hey everyone, i need some help identifying the fonts on this poster, i believe the black to be a sort of futura custom? is the caroton style font also a sort of komika or artbrush custom? thanks so much!

Does anyone have any suggestions of this typeface name? Much obliged.

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