Accessing OpenType features

Former Typophile moderator Zara Vasquez-Evens has written an interesting article on Medium (, prompted by the recent petition for a better user interface for accessing OpenType features in design software (

A few selected quotes:

Determining "Redistributability"


Good day!

I am a designer/technical writer at a software company and am having a difficult time determining whether or not we can develop a documents package that includes Myriad Pro. The end user would receive this typeface a part of our software installation process; I just can't seem to figure out how to find accurate information on this subject. Someone at typophile should be able to tell me!:

What do I need to do to determine--WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE--the legality of distributing this font?

Put another way: we are considering incorporating Myriad Pro into an installation that would affect 40,000 (yes, 40k) computers.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Craigslist buyer looking for software... but why?

I have a copy of CS3 Design premium and put it up on Craigslist. This guy almost immediately contacts me with his number and wants to buy it. Then I see the same phone number on another post offering to buy all these software programs. What's his deal? Why would he want to buy all this software? Am I missing an opportunity for more cash? Is he bootlegging it? Anyone have an idea?

Lookup Table, OTL table


Hello forum.

I am new to this Font thing. I have a Unicode TTF font.

When I open the font in Volt, I get this message that "OTL tables already exist, and Volt will delete the OTL table".
I actually need the OTL table of that font. How do I do that?

Actually some of the lookups of that font is not working so I would like to extract the lookup table of that font, edit it and save it back.

Thanks in advance.


Type foundries offering iOS embeddable fonts?

Hello everyone - first post here.

I was wondering if anyone had a list of Type foundries offering iOS embeddable fonts? I've been doing alot of research lately on fonts and applications and there is so much mixed information out there on the licenses. I design a good amount of apps and want to make sure I'm giving the foundries their credit.

I'd be interested in creating a list here for paid, open source, etc in iOS fonts?


Mac font/ PC server issue


I have a problem regarding software and font recognition. I work at a small newspaper and we are in the midst of a redesign. This involves using new fonts, obviously. One we have chosen is Bodoni SvtyTwo ITC-TT. We use macs to design the paper each night. No problems there ... these are fonts that have been in our system for years. However, our plate-making software (called Asura) is a PC based software and we have been told by Asura that the Bodoni that we are using is a 'mac font.' I was always under the impression that fonts are fonts. How do we troubleshoot this as far as what kind of font we have in our system? Is there a certain file extension that would tell us exactly which font we have and what it is compatable with?

Looking for a fontviewer for non-installed fonts


Back in the OS9 days, there was this brilliant little utility which allowed you to just drag a bunch of non-installed fonts onto it, and it would give you an instant preview of the families. Since this utility (I think it was called Font Gander) hasn’t been around for at least 10 years, I was just wondering whether someone here knew of something equal in functionality. I know I haven’t found anything as of yet.

On a sidenote, I find it really odd that an app like FontExplorerPro doesn’t support this functionality (without adding the scanned/opened fonts to its database, that is).

Any suggestion would be much appreciated,


Font Management — Best Practices


Can anyone advise as to a "best practices" when managing the fonts on one's system?
I am going bonkers these days trying to manage all my typefaces. I use Linotype's Font Explorer, but it doesnt seem to do the job or i am doing something wrong. Of particular frustration is when running into multiple versions of one typeface (i.e. Futura — I have cuts from several different foundries and have to use them on different jobs, so i cant just trash the others— i turn them on and off as needed). And secondly, is there an alternative to Font Explorer? Do any of these Font Management Systems really beat all the others? Or are they all just the same? Which one is truly the BEST? Surely someone on Typophile can answer this?

Converting font types


Does someone know how to convert open type font to true type? I see there is a world of software online that do this, but they come with specifications and limitations that involve unfamiliar vocabulary to me. How can I be sure the software I choose is compatible with my client's proprietary font (which contains open type figure sets)?

Thanks for any tips.

FontLab Studio vs. Fontographer

This topic was discussed in 2005 but I feel is worth re-visiting since the recent release of fontographer 5. Fontlab has a comparison chart for their entire collection of software which can be located here
I suppose my primary interest is with those who have used the new Fontographer.
One reason the program fell the way side, it would seem, was its lack of support for opentype which is now included in fontographer 5.

Fontographer 5 released


It’s done (at last!):

Looks promising. And in this thread Yuri comments on some of the features that will be included in a coming release and what is already included:

How come there has not been an official press release here already?


Type Creation Software

I've been quite interested in the idea of creating a couple of fonts for a while now, but although I'm a skilled graphic designer, (and therefore good with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark) when it comes to software for creating fonts I'm really not sure where to start.

A few years ago I did briefly have access to a copy of Fontographer, which at the time was a real standard for this kind of software. Is this still the case or should I be looking at getting another program? What is the best software for creating fonts now?

All tips, hints and recommendations will be appreciated.

Font Editors