I'm working to extended my font to new alphabets, as arab, now is available, in latin, cyrillic.
But the arab is becoming one of the hardest steps of my work. Unlike the latin now I having problems to evaluate the space between the letters and the high of some of the glyphs.

I do not know the Arabic language, nor Russian.

Below are a few words written in Arabic, can you tell me if they are spelled correctly?

Thank you


I have an image credit with the copyright symbol.
I'm not sure if a normal space either side of the copyright symbol is correct, or if the the space should be; hair, sixth, thin, quarter etc.

The credit is as below:

[Artist name], [Title of Work], [Year].
Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London © the artist.

I assume the correct thing to do is to have a normal space either side of the symbol.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Space glyph disappearing?

I've made a font for a client that has built in underlines.
The font works well, except for when it is converted to outlines. The space character (simply the underline shape and nothing else) disappears.

Has anyone ever experienced this or know of a workaround?

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Binary Craft

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Here's another design I'm currently working on. Brand new Binary Design Soldiers font. I'm having fun with this one even though from a professional typographer's view they might look lame. Not sure yet how well it transcribed into b&w only (every letter is a little pixel fellow). A bit kitschy but I guess I find them charming that way.

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could please help ID the following sans serif font.
The capital 'A' has a look of the NASA font and the rest of the letters have a slight sci-fi feel.
I've attached uppercase and lowercase refs if anyone can help shed some light.

Thanks, Jamie

Spaces need kerning too. I realize this fact from reading about it but have trouble eyeballing/judging it. In fact if I hadn't read this to alert me to the task, I probably would have forgotten this important step in font design, because I don't see anything overtly wrong in the spaces of my new font, except for about 3 places. When I do a google search, I can't find any help on this subject. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me a few suggestions on what letters usually need kerning between the spaces that follow them, and/or whatever tips they could point me towards or supply me with. Any suggestions at all would help!

Thanks in advance!

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Make space!

Reading the thread "Typesetting In French" got me wondering: How do folk decide how wide the non-em-related spaces should be?

Does anyone know if the size of spaces (ie. spacebar keystroke) can be altered in Indesign & can this be programmed into the type formating style?

Hey, working on some infographics/graphic design projects, and came across this (in the attachments) while doing some creative research.

I was just wondering if anyone could name the font used for both the main titles, and the "Cloud City" part in the "Bespin" poster. Thanks!

Here is the guys Flickr page -

Here is the "Bespin" poster -

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