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A private foundry and consulting firm, specializing in Arabic type and lettering designs, and related typographic software solutions. Founded by Arabic type designer Saad D. Abulhab in 2003, Arabetics is best known for producing open, innovative, and inspiring non-traditional Arabetic fonts. However, we have almost two decades of experience producing both traditional and non-traditional Arabetic fonts. Our passion to preserve the power, elegance, and competitiveness of Arabic and other derived scripts, within a dynamic and global computing environment, is our main driving force.


Typofonderie (formely Porchez Typofonderie) is an independent French digital type foundry started in 1994 by Jean François Porchez. He has designed such typefaces as Le Monde for the French newspaper of the same name, Ambroise based on the work of the Didots, Anisette, and Parisine. He also designed the Deréon typeface family for Beyonce Knowles’ House of Deréon fashion line and Sabon Next for Linotype.
Since 2012, Typofonderie has started to release fonts by other designers than Jean-François Porchez, including Geneo by Stéphane Elbaz & Mislab by Xavier Dupré.


Delve Fonts

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Founded in 1996, Delve Fonts is an independent type foundry based in Alameda, California. Delve Fonts features an exclusive, acclaimed typeface library, which includes Helfa, Rieven Uncial, Uppercut Angle, Quara, Tilden Sans, and more.

Delve Fonts specializes in the design and production of fonts for mobile devices, development of custom font production tools; Design and production of non-latin fonts; OpenType Pro fonts with advanced features; and Logo development for corporate identity and branding purposes. The sole proprietor, Delve Withrington, draws from fifteen years of experience in typography.