Beautiful Sans Serif

Wondering what font this is, can't identify it, used in **** Young Magazine. Know a bunch which are very close but not this.

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Anyone knows?

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The Corporate Sans Serif Typeface with 6 weights is skilled for complex typography: PRO style.

Each font has an extended character set to provide most Central and Western European together with Eastern European languages. The typefaces include ligatures, alternate- & swash letters, smallcaps, fractions, lining-, tabular numbers, superior/inferior figures and ornaments. Carefully drawn.

Please help me identify this typeface - could be custom - but I hope not. See the "R" in Rose and the "J" in Jonathan specifically.

Full project here:

Damn im sure this is easy for you type gurus, but i have no idea.


See the attachment… Thanks!

I'd like to share this beautiful sans for text, but also if anyone knows what font this is, do share too.. :)

Saw this the other day and would love to know what the font is. Looks pretty contemporary, but any ideas gratefully received.

Many thanks!

What is the beautiful sans serif used in
the titling of this journal? Thanks )

Hi everybody

Need your help

Thanks !
: )

Anyone recognizes this nice sans serif? It's close to Alright Sans & NewLibris with a hint of Whitney.


Hello! I'm a long-time lurker and this is my first posting. I have been assigned a re-design of a website and I've decided to use Clarendon for the site's branding. What I am looking for is a clean, complementary sans-serif font to pair with it, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? The site is for a News professional.

Thank you so much!

thought it was interesting that a san serif, and such a blocky one was chosen for a statue erected in the mid 19th century.... anyone know any fonts it looks like its based on ? the x height is throwing me off...

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