Forgive the novice question, I'm a novice.

I would like to build glyphs in Illustrator, and export them to Type Tool 3. Firstly, I'm unsure what the document size in Illustrator should be. I've read little on exporting from Illustrator, beyond saving as EPS. Any basic tips would be greatly appreciated.

It pains me to post this, but having no practical experience with metal type, I find myself in a quagmire... I'm looking for general information and specific/general measurements if they exist.

The Long:
I'm building a model of a metal type form. I'm under the impression that the Nick is simply a visual and tactile reference when working with type, and its size, shape and general orientation or height on the Belly are not specific?

As for the Groove, is there a contextual consistency held within each font, or are the ways of determining it's impression depth and orientation between the Feet?

My model is being made as if it were a 30pt piece.

The Short:
Need measurements for the profile of a metal type body at 30pts

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Typographic Novice

Hi all

Im 'trying' to become more skilled in type design and here is an example of one of my early work. It is not based on a particular pre -designed font. Constructive feedback is more than welcome:-)

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