Does anyone have experience with embedding fonts for use within an iPhone application. I am looking for technical resources as well as any advice in regards to licensing.

If anyone can help me or refer me to a good web designer who's familiar with font sites, I could really use the help...I am an independent type designer launching a new type foundry, but I don't have the tools to build and maintain a good site. And frankly I'd rather be designing new type! :)

I can provide content - fonts, graphics, text, whatever - but I need someone with the experience to build it. If you wanna hit me up on here, that's cool. Or e-mail me and I'll give you more details:

Thanks for reading!



Indices : Software : Font Editors : FontStruct

In 2008 font retailer FontShop released FontStruct, a free, online tool for the design, publishing and sharing of user created fonts.

The tool is limited to modular fonts.

See also: tools

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