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Modular Scale Calculator


I been using modular scales in my layouts and typesetting recently and have built a calculator to help produce double stranded scales.

I have also added in the calculations for ems and base 16 ems as I often need them when building websites.

Figures can be entered as straight numerals or in picas and points, as in 10p6 for 10 picas and 6 points.

Anyway I thought I'd share it here incase someone else may find it useful.


I would also appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

OpenType Features Editor Feedback


The OpenType Features Editor, available for free download from http://www.timrolands.com/More/Downloads.aspx, has now been downloaded more than 200 times. I am eager for any feedback on this tool.

How is the UI? Could the generated feature code be better? Are there features that are not generated correctly? Any bugs? Any suggestions for improvement?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!