Researching appropriate type families for use in editorial setting

Hi all,

Am currently researching type families for use in a general-interest magazine that will be produced. The design is being generated from the ground up with no prior style guides; as well as developing structure and layout, appropriate text and display faces must be selected.

Am wondering of any suggestions you may have for classic or contemporary faces in an editorial setting that you're feeling at the moment. Or in fact strategies you may have in place for selecting typefaces in these cases that have worked for you.

Thanks in advance

Closed Minded

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What font best accentuates highlights presents academic writing (ie assignments) for nursing science?


My feeling is that the font used in a text would have a certain weight in how an assessor or supervisor views, reads, relates and marks etc a written text.
This fascinates me as there may be considerable differences in the humanities and sciences. And in the sciences, between the soft and hard sciences something like psychology or economics may need a different font for top appeal and presentation to something like physics or mathematics to be as convincing as possible. Then there are the health sciences and nursing where maybe
empathy and other centeredness and practicality a certain organic life centredness is valued more than in say philosophy or theosophy where self consciousness is written in capital letters. I would like to get input and views from others on this?

Using commercial fonts

Hello everyone.

I found a quote where an anonymous user says that Sony can't use a (FF Blur) font because it's commercial:

Probably Sony reworked it... They can't use a commercial font, of course, they must have their own font

in this thread.

I was wondering if it is so, why can't some brand use a commercial font?

Thank you.

Designing for screen PDF's (long documents).


I'm designing a 100+ page document that is intended to be read primarily on screen (as a downloadable PDF) but it must also look great when it's printed.

I'm about 20 pages into laying out the type, and I'm starting to think that my body copy font choice, Helvetica Neue 55 Roman, may not have been the best choice. It looks a bit crude on screen.

I've considered using a more screen friendly font (Verdana, Arial, etc), but then I'll be sacrificing the integrity of the print version. So, use 2 separate fonts? No dice, I refuse to set this document twice, it's far too long.

Need monospase fonts for review


Hello, i'm a russian blogger and developer. I want to make a review of fonts, targeted for software developers(using it in IDE, editors).
Due my location, i can't get a good information about best fonts(including proprietary fonts) for my work. Yes, my friends use fonts like Arial, Courier New, Liberation. It's so scary.
So, i want to find more information in asking of you, of professionals in fonts chosing :)
Now i'm scanning google in searching of better fonts(like monaco, incosolata etc), but all pages are old. Maybe, you can tell me something new about fonts for development?
I found alot of proprietary font, but i can't try it in my IDE(Eclipse and emacs). But, if i have a some more information about what fonts need to try - i'll buy it.

Become an "happy typographic families" player!

The "happy typographic families" is available!
Learn, understand, revise typography and its families with fun and with friends!
74 cards 5,8 x 9,3 cm in a plexiglass box.
60 fonts from the most famous foundries are presented (linotype, underware, B&P foundrytypes, 205, FontFont, 256tm, Font Bureaun Emigre, etc.)
In French or in English.
Just in time for christmas!
Published by Éditions Deux-Cent-Cinq: ">[img:sites/default/files/old-images/Jeu9fam-03-...

Research Help: Gravestone Typography

Hey all,

Long time fan, first time poster. My name is Gus Wezerek. I'm a visual journalism student at Northwestern University. For one of my classes I'm writing an paper about contemporary gravestone typography. I've seen the thread here with the man who was soliciting help with a relative's tombstone design, but the paper is a bit too broad for his case.

Would anyone be willing to chat on the phone or email/point me in promising directions? I'm just looking for ideas about what makes (or you think would make) a good face for stone, special cases of gravestone typography or really anything you guys know or would be willing to speak about on the topic.

changing text into vektors in indesign



i sent a pdf created from an indesign file with embedded fonts to a printer and he sent back a screenshot that shows that text in some fonts were completely altered and illegible (see image before/after). as we could not find the cause of the problem (thankful for hints), the printer asked me to change the texts to vektors. this way we could avoid the letterscramble but some other problems occured:

1. i texts formated with bulletpoints the bulletpoints vanished
2. i had created paragraph formats and letter formats using the underline function to create a coloured background for emphasised text. the coloured background (i.e. the underlining) vanished and left white text on white background...

General rules for combining complementary fonts when you don't have a natural "eye" for it.


Hi everyone...I'm not at all lazy, but I'm sad to say that I don't have a natural eye for design. My best friend does and I've noticed over the years that she has helped me "develop" my eye. When I created a logo for my company (she was swamped at the time) and asked for her opinion, I thought she was going to reach through the phone and strangle me...I'd used what I now know is the much-typophile-hated font, Papyrus. Anyway, I digress...

"Design Your Own Alphabet" Contest

I thought amateurs and fans alike might be interested in a contest going on by Design*Sponge and Veer. Readers have the opportunity to design their own line of typefaces for a $500 or $150 credit to Veer. Submissions won't actually be turned into working fonts, but it's a fun contest nonetheless.

More details here.

It's about the price of fonts...

Hello everybody!

I have a quetsion about the price of fonts. I don't know exactly by how much price I sell one font with more of 100 glyphs to MyFonts...

If I sell a font with more of 100 glyphs to MyFonts, what is the price?
If I sell a font with more of 1000 glyphs to MyFonts, what is the price?
If I sell five fonts with more of 100 or 1000 glyphs to MyFonts, what are prices?

So I and my colleague intend to sell our own fonts to MyFonts, but we don't know exactly what the prices.

I saw the fonts family PF Beau Sans Pro, MyFonts sells one font by 79 dollars while it sells a fonts family by 729 dollars. I imagine the Parachute foundry sold to it by very high price.


ITF Introduces Kohinoor, a super type family supporting Latin, Devanagari and Tamil


Hello Everyone!

The Indian Type Foundry is proud to present Kohinoor, a new super type family supporting Latin, Devanagari and Tamil, three of the most commonly used writing scripts of India.

Kohinoor is an elegant low contrast typeface suitable for both body and display text. It comes in 5 upright styles, and where available also with corresponding Italics. As all ITF fonts, Kohinoor is a Unicode-compliant font and has full support for the conjuncts and ligatures.

Kohinoor's Bengali, Gujarati and Gurmukhi versions will be available in 2011.

Thank you!