I am looking to find a freelance font developer that can take my vector letters and OTF sample and build it into a font. This is project based work and great for someone who has excellent font development experience. If you are interested please contact me at with links to some of the fonts you have developed.

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. I'm in an odd situation and would like some advice.

I am about to graduate from Loughborough University with a degree in Graphic Communication. In my final year I developed a love of typography and would like to follow this as a career. I created a font in Fontforge, which you can find on DaFont (search for Tomb if you're interested and it's called Tomb2013). However, I am not actually sure how to pursue a career in this field! It's the creation of working fonts that interests me most, rather than the kind that is typically more decorative that you might find on banners and posters. I'm more into the legible, workable, downloadable and easy to read fonts that use simplicity to portray emotion and a story etc. I hope you understand what I mean.

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Hey out there,

There is a job in education available

Academy of Arts Stuttgart, as a teacher of typedesign and typography

Low income but best opportunities, a life-task

More -- read the joboffer unfortunatley only german speaking

Nice colleagues one of the best printing

Shops with a hell of lead and wood

Font Developer position available here at our American Greetings Creative Studios!

great benefits, world-class studio facility, passionately creative people.

apply on-line at:

Note that depending on the candidate, this does not have to be a full-time gig, or even necessarily based in Portland. All open to discussion given that you are a fabulous candidate! It is a contract position rather than permanent, but of course contract often leads to permanent….



We are looking for a Design Development Associate (this means a designer who has management skills as well, and can contribute to business development) to work out of our partner company Merson Sign Design in Surrey, UK, and the University of Reading. The designer will working alongside the MSD team to develop their expertise in the field of multi-script airport wayfinding and sign design; there is also a brief to broaden the skills and knowledge within MSD, and to explore Middle East sales opportunities and management methods.

The post is for two years, with further potential at the end of that contract. Full details here:

A job opportunity to work in Adobe's Type Development team has just become available. If you're interested please read the details at

A friend of mine, a professional font developer (15+ yrs of experience) is available for freelance and contract work assigments.

She can do manual TrueType instruction and PostScript hinting, font digitization, contours optimization, font building and rework, codepage transformations.

Resume and an overview of past projects are available at:

Do you think she has a fair chance to build a small practice on this?

Can someone please read the Summary and Portfolio sections below and comment if they make any sense at all? This is for my friend's resume, she will be looking for freelance/contract font development projects.

(Hopefully I'm going to catch some attention before everyone sits down in a Dublin pub!)

Would you have any advice on job search strategy for a professional font developer (15+ yrs of experience)?

Font design community is relatively small and personally I don't know much about it. Is freelancing common? Is technical font support done inhouse or outsourced? Does it make sense to look at large foundries or smaller independent shops?

The person in question does not design original fonts, she is font technical expert, knows all about font technologies of the last 15 years. (PS Type1, TrueType, OpenType, manual font hinting, kerning, bespoke fonts production, ClearType optimizations)

How do I to makret her services to the world?

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Dalton Maag is recruiting::

We are currently advertising for a typedesign position at our London office:

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