19th century/early 20th century Serif type.

This is from an 1878 edition of Le tour de France par deux enfants. I’ve had a go at identifying it, but without a definite result. I haven’t seen any font that has a baseline J and the same Q...and then there’s the ?

Maybe this will be obvious to a more practised eye.

Can anyone help me id this face? A couple clues I have:
Endicott-Johnson Shoes was founded in 1895. This particular building was erected in 1922.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Any suggestions for a serif to compliment a stylized Arts & Craft font? It should have a tall x-height.

wondering if anyone can pin point a historical model this engravign seems to be based on?? im doing a whole project on statues and id like to set all the plaques and engravings myself in the best matches possible.... but im struggling with identifying the closet matches.


I am looking for a vintage looking typeface, similar to the one above. I am not worried about it being distressed, but want it to have an Victorian/early 20th century feel. Certainly serifed, and with similar line thicknesses (as seen on the A).

It doesn't have to be shadowed either, as can add that if required...

So far the closest I have found is: ITC Quorum BT, but am looking for more suitable options.

I maybe that I end up hand drawing it, but would like a base font to alter.

Any help, suggestions, or places to look(such as specific library's/books) would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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