During the last few decades Greek typography has been strongly influenced by Latin elements. Often, there is substitution of Greek letters by Latin ones. A few designers try to preserve characteristic Greek typographic elements into their work, but overall Greek typography appears to trend towards Latin assimilation.

a) To define what constitutes Greek characteristics in a font,
b) To delineate the needs and problems faced by contemporary Greek typography end-users (graphic designers, book publishers of Greek texts, etc.)

a) How do you define or how do you approach the issue of a Greek characteristic in a font?
b) What questions would you have for end-users of your fonts?
c) Why do you design Greek fonts?

Are bad fonts are easier to remember?

I have read some news in BBC and other news programs, that bad fonts/ugly fonts are more memorable.

All school book commonly use Times, Georgia, and other serif font, they are good font. Are bad fonts can improve studying quality for student?



For any NYC area typophiles still looking for a way to study typeface design this fall: SVA will be offering a version of my sold out workshop from this past summer, Turning Letters Into Type, on Monday nights from Sept. 20 through Dec. 13 (and again in the spring, so the two could also be taken in sequence as beginner and advanced versions).

There are still some spaces available and registration is here. The summer workshop was super fun, be great to have you along this fall!

Today I decided to set up a blog and stay on it! I tried wordpress and blogger but wasn't happy with the layout etc so why not put down my ideas on a blog related to a subject that I am very much interested in at the moment?

The past few days I have been following and reading almost every article on the personal blogs of two Lebanese designers: Pascal Zoghbi and Nadine Chahine. I really loved Pascals blog better ( sorry Nadine!)They both did their MA in typography and Arabic type design which is the main reason why I tried to investigate the subjects they researched on and the impact it has had on their work.

I am in a rush to leave but will shortly upload what I have come across in a separate blog :-)

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