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Book Release: History of the Linotype Company (RIT Press)

I don't know if it is the proper section to announce
a book release related to type.
Anyway, find a study about the company Linotype coming out in May.

History of the Linotype Company
by Frank Romano
(USA, RIT Press, 2014, 480 pages, ISBN 978-1-933360-60-7)


Charter ITC / Bitstream ?

I was looking for the Charter font from Matthew Carter and discovered that there are multiple versions.
I wonder if someone can tell me what are the differences between the 3 listed here (in terms of design, not concerning the rights to sell) :

ITC Charter (Linotype) (ITC Charter Regular - $35)
ITC Charter (ITC) (Charter Regular - $29)
Charter BT (Bitstream) (Charter Regular - $24.75)

Thanks for your help

Please help: I know the font but not were to get it.

My apologies if I have placed this in the wrong place but it somewhat makes sense to place it here. Additionally my apologies as I had previously posted this in the general discussion but it only collected dust there. If some one can explain how to take down my previous post I will.

Dose anyone know if Egmont Inline by Sjoerd Hendrik De Roos (S.H. de Roos), which was distributed by Typefoundry Amsterdam, was ever digitized? I believe that Linotype might have the rights to it but I can't find it on there website.

I can't even find a highres sample of Egmont Inline online.

Any high quality fonts that might be an adequate substitute?

Thanks in advance.

Please help. Was the Egmont Inline font by Typefoundry Amsterdam ever digitized?

Dose anyone know if Egmont Inline by Sjoerd Hendrik De Roos, distributed by Typefoundry Amsterdam was ever digitized? I believe that Linotype should have the rights to it but I can't find it on there website.

I can't even find a highres sample online.

Any high quality fonts that might be an adequate substitute?

Thanks in advance.

September Metal Type News

The September edition of the Metal Type newsletter is now out.

Plenty to tell you about, as usual, plus a look at some items that arrived in the post.

This month's "extra footage" is of the Bradford Jowett van, a British van (from Yorkshire) that was produced between 1946 and 1953. Find out what "extras" an additional £38 for the Deluxe version would have bought you in those days!

Click here to take a look at this month’s video:

Some of you may know that I've been working on an ebook called "Printers' Tales" that I'm hoping to make available on the Amazon Kindle in the very near future. The idea is to give some of the stories from the website a more permanent home, and, hopefully, take them to a wider audience.

Deciding between client and server based font management

My company wants to sort out font management issues and, after looking at different options, we're considering buying software from either Extensis or Linotype.
But the bigger question than which software maker to go with, however, is should we buy several client licenses or a server license? We couldn't fully understand the exact way font server works, so any explanations (as you'd talk to a child) are welcome.

    Could you recommend the right choice based on the below?
  1. Currently, 6 computers would need constant access to the font library (5 Macs and 1 PC). This number may increase in the future but not drastically.

New release: Camphor


I am delighted to announce the release of my first commercial font, Camphor™ now available in six weights with corresponding italics from Fonts.com, Linotype.com and ITCFonts.com. (Camphor™ is also available to commercial subscribers of Fonts.com Web Fonts.)

Camphor™ comes in OpenType Standard and Pro formats with broad support for Central and Eastern European langauages.

OpenType features include:

FontExplorerX set migration


I've just purchased a new computer and am in the process of migrating everything over. The Mac Migration Assistant moved my FontExplorerX app over, but the sets and everything in the library seems to have disappeared. Maybe that's because I don't have Explorer managing my fonts, but is there any way to export the set/library information? Do I really have to go build all my custom sets and import all my fonts all over again?

I'm using v1.2.3 but would consider moving to Pro if there's a solution there.


FontExplorer X

Indices : Software : Font Management Software : Linotype FontExplorer X

Linotype’s FontExplorer X (FEX) is a free font management tool, which includes an integrated font store. Users of FEX may purchase fonts via this store if they so choose (unlike traditional internet font shopping, fonts purchased via FEX will be directly installed in the font manager, for easier activation and deactivation).

As of this writing (April 11, 2006), FontExplorer X is currently available just for MacOS X 10.3.9 and higher. A PC version is in the works.