William Berkson

In conjunction with its exhibition Graphic Design: Now In Production, on exhibit in New York City this summer, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design museum had panel of 6 designers whose work appears in the exhibition. Each was asked to give a very brief—seven minute!—talk on a "Wicked Problem" in type design, with a panel discussion afterwards. Cooper Hewitt did a nice video of the event, [Bad link]

The six designers are Philippe Apeloig, Hubert Jocham, Henrik Kubel, Jeremy Mickel, Jesse Ragan and yours truly. Ellen Lupton and Cara Di Edwardo were the moderators.

Well, we were aiming to get this released yesterday, June 17, which was Bill Berkson’s birthday. We missed by one day.

Hot off the press: Williams Caslon has just been released for retail license by the Font Bureau.

A belated happy birthday, Bill!

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