The attached image is the work of designer David Rudnick, however I recently stumbled across a font in development on either this site or a different typography forum using this style as well, but I can't find it anywhere. If you know what I'm talking about a link would be cool, but since I have no other details, that's not the point of this post.

What style of lettering is this? The super-elongated, overly ornamented letterforms that intertwine with each other are so beautiful. I would love to learn more about it but have no information - anything would be appreciated.


Looking for this ID or something similar. Thanks.

I am looking for a script that would have been used in Germany (specifically the Hessen-Kassel region) in the last quarter of the 18th century. As I understand it, this would have been some type of Fraktur with the long s and ligatures. Perhaps someone here could point me in the right direction?

In the process of designing a typeface, I'm wondering if it's worth the effort to design glyphs for currencies that are not in use anymore, like pesetas and francs. I realize the symbols might still be in use for historical reasons, but in a display face, I think it's rather unlikely.

How do you guys do? What do you think?


Does anyone know the name of the font in the attached pic?

Thanks for help!

Looking to identify this. Tweet me if you know what it is. My twitter handle is @bwaggoner. If you ID it correctly, I'll send you a HOOK t-shirt. Thanks!

I am not a graphic designer here... So I was hoping to ask for help from the experts!

This isn't so much as an font identification question, but a request for a font recommendation. I've been able to trace this image in Illustrator for use in a 15' map graphic that will be inscribed in granite. I like the historic handwritten look of the lettering. However but when I trace the text the font shapes look terrible. I've been thinking about replacing the text outlines with an actual font, which would save me from having to shape the curves to something pleasing to the eye?

Do you have any recommendations? Map was drawn in 1850.


i have been asked to do some design work for this place, and they requested that i use the same font as on their sign. i have searched every way i know how to, but cannot find this one on my own. please someone help.

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