Hello, could someone please help me identify this font?

I at first thought they were the same family, but after looking at them side by side, at lease the S is different.

The Modern House family is used throughout the book in various weights, bold through light/ very light, and doesn't appear in italics.

The Make Magazine Headline font is used in stencil, but may have other weights and styles.

Dear Typophile members, the latest issue of TYPO is now hot off the press! Inside you will find an article about Jiří Rathouský from our series mapping out the lives and oeuvres of prominent 20th century Czech graphic designers, accompanies by an as yet unpublished final interview Rathouský gave shortly before he passed away in 2003.

Hi all

Just need help identifying this. It's the logo/masthead for a Belgian magazine on culture. All tips greatly appreciated!


can you please tell me what font the masthead for gymclassmagazine is?

Thought it was Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed, but the spur of the G is different

Much appreciated

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suggestion: lay out book

i'am bulding a magazine for my graduation project. i examined variety of grid & typography books, and i'm really happy with that. i'think it's time to look at lay-out books. to learn and remember the basics and advance theories about designing layouts.

so i need some suggestions here. what is your favorite book about ,or relative, designing layouts; for magazines, books or anaything upon a grid.

and thank you for intrest.

Can anyone help me identify this beautiful VU Magazine cover font? Looks like Parisine, but I think it's other font...

Beautiful swashes on the "U", "M" and "A" letters! Note also the inktrap on that "M"!

Does anyone know?

The link for the photo is this:

Thank you!

Hello Typophiles,

Could anyone point me to any helpful resources on creating interactive PDFs in InDesign CS4? I've found a few tutorials, but I was wondering if there is a quality book/e-book written on the subject.


My first full typeface Badona has just been released at MyFonts and HypeForType. Here are the links:

Behance Presentation:

I'm waiting for your support.


I am interested in hearing your thoughts on who uses the grid the smartest and most interestingly. Is it a 6,7 or 12 column grid any extra info would be great. Some of the best I can think of are, Esquire, GQ, popular mechanics, GOOD, Monocle and Plastique.

Here are some samples from Anthem magazine's recent redesign

Hi All,

I'm working in tandem with two in-house designers on a news magazine redesign. The new nameplate/logotype is a heavily customized amalgamation of Gotham Black and Font Bureau's Anisette Bold (think very wide and bold). The serif we've chosen is Glosa Display for big heads, and Glosa Text for body copy. We're also using Stag, a contemporary slab, for headlines, decks, etc.

Bree was chosen as main typeface for body and titles in Deco, an ethical and ecologically aware French interior magazine.

In most cases, the body text actually uses Bree's alternate characters to ensure best legibility.

It was designed by Ljubomir Djordjevic from the French design studio Commeunarbre.

I'm designing a magazine and I'd like some critique on the fonts used so far.
I'm using Gotham and Stag together I like them as heads and standfirsts but I don't think either are quite right for body copy. Would using a third font for body be overkill?

I want to use Omnes as headline font for a new South African Baby Magazine. Please can someone suggest what condensed / compressed font can be used along with Omnes for cover lines? We are thinking of using Corundum News also by Joshua Darden for the text font throughout.

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Font for a tabloid


I am currently working on a magazine design.
It is a tabloid size business magazine.

Any suggestions on the font for the body text?

I was flipping through Eye Magazine the other day and really liked the sans used for the bold headlines. Anyone know what it is? THX

Hi! I am having one hell of a time finding this exact font "Makeovers" on this new issue of House Beautiful. I keep getting close but I cannot seem to find it. Any ideas on the foundry or name? Thank you!


Looking to find out which typeface this is?
Or anything similar to it. The "O" is of most interest.
Thank you in advance!


This typeface was used in FLAUNT issue 103. Any ideas?

Hey guys,

anyone got a clue what typeface they used on their latest front cover?

I'm used to eye magazine's practice to publish the fonts they used in each issue, however I couldn't find such an entry in I.D. after flicking several times through it... Maybe you can help?

Cheers :-)


How Conference
How Magazine


Indices : Publications : Tupigrafia

Publishers: Claudio Rocha (BRA), Tony de Marco (BRA)
Editors: Claudio Rocha, Tony de Marco
Language: Brazilian Portuguese (English translation addendum)

A small format Brazilian typographic magazine packed full of great visual content.


Typo Magazine

Indices : Publications : Typo Magazine

An international quarterly magazine on typography, graphic design and visual communication.

TYPO is a unique magazine. The name TYPO gives away the main focus of the magazine – typography, which is discussed from different points of view and with connection to other fields such as architecture, photography, social science, and aesthetics. It introduces, in a very lively and readable manner, all outstanding individuals of typography and their work. Each issue is organized into clearly distinguished sections that cover main theme, significant people in the industry, interesting projects and events, exotic photo-essays and many others.

Hi all,

Anyone know who designed the lovely sans serif used in Details magazine? I believe it's called September.

(The serif face is Jeremy Tankard's Enigma, for those scoring at home.)


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