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Magazine Redesign - bodyboarding


Hi All,

Im new to this forum, so a quick hello!

I'm about to undertake a redesign of a well loved Australian bodyboarding magazine.

We are currently using Helvetica Neue as body copy, Corporate SQ for captions and Folio's.

I am looking to find a typeface that is contemporary, clean, and legible. Our core reader group is aged 15 - 25 with that age increasing over the last few years. The magazine is youth oriented, fun, exciting and has been at the top of the genre for just over 20 years.

In my opinion, serif fonts are the best for body copy, but i was wondering if there was a classy sans-serif font that would do the job nicely. the magazine still has to be relevant to the youth market, but i wish to add a touch of class and sophistication to the mag.

"Line" or "Spruce" magazines (Defunct Wallpaper* spin-offs)


Anyone remember Line Magazine from the very early 2000's? It was put out by Tyler Brule (Of Wallpaper*) and only published 3-4 issues.

I'm looking for copies of it. I know this is a super obscure/rare request, but I figured someone might be a magazine collector on Typophile.

HQ scans of magazine spreads on the net


Hello all,
I am writing a small research for my Typography course in college, on the subject of "Font Pairing", and I am looking for some website where I could find some HQ scans of magazine spreads or other editorial work I could use as examples.
I got a few nice scans from magazines and books, but right now I am thinking about using the net to broaden my field of research (and to save some money for printing the thesis :)

Can anyone suggest any flickr group / blog / archive where I could find some interesting pictures?
This is what I found so far - in case someone else might find them useful.


FONT interview


The newly redesigned, by Marek Pistora, Czech magazine FONT invited José and Veronika to speak amongst other things about their beginnings, influences, approach to design and way of collaboration. The well designed four-page interview also shows some samples of our typefaces in use, such as in various newspapers and books.

Wanted - typographers for a magazine project

Were you/are you stranded abroad on account of the Icelandic volcanic eruptions?

I'm involved with a collaborative not for profit magazine project to be created by people who were stuck in a foreign land with too much time on their hands.

There will be photography and illustration but I post here in case anyone might be interested in submitting typographic material or accepting typographic assignments to help with features?

If you're interested, please send me a message letting me know where you were stuck, where you were trying to get to and what you're free to do. A link to some of your work would also be appreciated. We'll consider pretty much any styles.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.


What is the headline typeface for make magazine. OR the font used in Phaidon's Modern House 2

I at first thought they were the same family, but after looking at them side by side, at lease the S is different.

The Modern House family is used throughout the book in various weights, bold through light/ very light, and doesn't appear in italics.

The Make Magazine Headline font is used in stencil, but may have other weights and styles.

TYPO #39 is now hot off the press!


Dear Typophile members, the latest issue of TYPO is now hot off the press! Inside you will find an article about Jiří Rathouský from our series mapping out the lives and oeuvres of prominent 20th century Czech graphic designers, accompanies by an as yet unpublished final interview Rathouský gave shortly before he passed away in 2003.

suggestion: lay out book


i'am bulding a magazine for my graduation project. i examined variety of grid & typography books, and i'm really happy with that. i'think it's time to look at lay-out books. to learn and remember the basics and advance theories about designing layouts.

so i need some suggestions here. what is your favorite book about ,or relative, designing layouts; for magazines, books or anaything upon a grid.

and thank you for intrest.

VU Magazine Display Font - Looks like Parisine, but I think it's other font...

Can anyone help me identify this beautiful VU Magazine cover font? Looks like Parisine, but I think it's other font...

Beautiful swashes on the "U", "M" and "A" letters! Note also the inktrap on that "M"!

Does anyone know?

The link for the photo is this:

Thank you!

What magazine has the best grid architecture?


I am interested in hearing your thoughts on who uses the grid the smartest and most interestingly. Is it a 6,7 or 12 column grid any extra info would be great. Some of the best I can think of are, Esquire, GQ, popular mechanics, GOOD, Monocle and Plastique.

Here are some samples from Anthem magazine's recent redesign

Sans Serif for Magazine


Hi All,

I'm working in tandem with two in-house designers on a news magazine redesign. The new nameplate/logotype is a heavily customized amalgamation of http://Gotham Black and Font Bureau's Anisette Bold (think very wide and bold). The serif we've chosen is http://Glosa Display for big heads, and http://Glosa Text for body copy. We're also using http://Stag, a contemporary slab, for headlines, decks, etc.

Type in Use: Deco / Font: Bree


Bree was chosen as main typeface for body and titles in Deco, an ethical and ecologically aware French interior magazine.

In most cases, the body text actually uses Bree's alternate characters to ensure best legibility.

It was designed by Ljubomir Djordjevic from the French design studio Commeunarbre.


Gotham and Stag for magazine design

I'm designing a magazine and I'd like some critique on the fonts used so far.
I'm using Gotham and Stag together I like them as heads and standfirsts but I don't think either are quite right for body copy. Would using a third font for body be overkill?


(x) Bodoni-esque font on newest issue of House Beautiful Magazine - Didoni/Eloquent {Stephen L}

Hi! I am having one hell of a time finding this exact font "Makeovers" on this new issue of House Beautiful. I keep getting close but I cannot seem to find it. Any ideas on the foundry or name? Thank you!