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Granshan 2013 Conference and Competition


Based on the success of the Granshan non-Latin typeface design competition held each year since 2008, the Granshan 2013 non-Latin conference will travel to Southeast Asia for its second incarnation:

Organized by Typographische Gesellschaft München (tgm) and its partners*, the core of the event is comprised of four days at the end of July featuring workshops, presentations, exhibitions and a symposium. With presenters and attendees from all corners of the world, Granshan is the only conference focused on non-Latin typefaces. As such, it has itself become a focal point of this rapidly growing and maturing field.

* http://www.granshan.com/en/good-ideas-strong-partners



Registration for this year's ATypI is conference in open!

Registration for this year's ATypI is conference in open! http://www.atypi.org/store

This year's ATypI conference will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland, from 14 to 18 September 2011 (Wednesday to Sunday) at the new Harpa Concert Hall, situated by the old harbour in the city centre.

Day 1 Wednesday, September 14
Registration includes your choice of individually priced half-day Workshop sessions, refreshment breaks, lunch, as well as a Conference T-shirt.

Day 2 Thursday, September 15
Registration includes your choice of 2 tracks of sessions, refreshment breaks, lunch, as well as a Conference T-shirt.

Days 3-5 Friday-Sunday, September 16-18

Ampersand Web Typography Conference


In case you hadn't heard about it, I thought I'd give a mention to Ampersand, a one-day conference specifically focussing on web typography.

It will be held in the famous Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, in the seaside town of Brighton, UK on Friday 17th June 2011.

Ampersand is an affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers & type enthusiasts. The idea is to represent the overlapping worlds of type design, web design and software, and the event should be a fun day of nitty gritty details from experts in font design & development, typesetting & font usage, browser implementations, and with glimpses of a bright typographic future.

The line up will be:

* Vincent Connare
* Jon Tan (web designer & cofounder of Fontdeck)
* Jonathan Hoefler
* David Berlow

Ampersand Conference

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Ampersand is a conference specifically focussing on web typography. It is held in the Brighton, UK and organised by Clearleft, a web design consultancy based in Brighton.

Ampersand is billed as:

An affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers & type enthusiasts.

The inaugural event will be held on Friday June 17th in the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, Brighton, UK.

The line up will be:

  • Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans
  • Jon Tan, web designer at Analog & cofounder of Fontdeck
  • Jonathan Hoefler, president of Hoefler & Frere Jones
  • David Berlow, type designer & cofounder of The Font Bureau

HSDA: Annual Design Symposium

HSDA is the first Hekma School of Design and Architecture in the Kingdom, which is under Dar Al-Hekma College. Our programs span a range of disciplines including; Foundation Year, Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Interior Design, with more to come.

The HSDA: Annual Design Symposium’s aims are:
1. raising the awareness of the local design communication to the development in the design world
2. creating a platform for communication between the new local design generation and well known designers from different parts of the globe. This platform is also an opportunity for local designers to network with other local designers.
3. developing visual communication standards for the local market

Read The Fine Print - Manifesto

Help my Brain Lapse: typography conference book name

Hello All,

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the type conference that publishes a book (perhaps specimen book) of their conference. It seems that I stumbled upon it once, but failed to book mark it. What I remember is that the 2009 book was no longer available but the 2008 book was or vice versa. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.

was thinking something from typecon, but cannot confirm.