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Greek Cyrillic Languages Unicode

Help finding & combining serif fonts...on MS Word!


Hi all,

I feel I am too sub-amateur to even be posting here, but I need some serious typographic assistance! I'm preparing a handout (attached) for an important job talk I'm giving and I desperately want it to look professional.

The main body font must be small (like 9pt) to prevent lines of poetry from running off the page; and has to either come with MS Word 2010 or be inexpensive ($35 or less.) :( Also, some of the handout is in Greek, so I need a unicode font that will look ok with the Goudy

Greek and Cyrillic support


I'm planning to add Greek and Cyrillic support to the font I'm developing. My question is: which glyphs must I add? Unicode tables have archaic letters and additional signs I suppose are not necessary (at least, not all of them).

What I think to add:



This is enough? Am I missing something?

Besides this, I'd like to know about serif fonts with good design for Greek and Ciryllic alphabets. I believe Minion is one of these, but it would be great to have others to analyse and research their typographical solutions for non-Latin glyphs.