Hi guys,

I am looking for a serif typeface along the lines of Marlene (, that has a large family which includes stencil cuts. I am working on an online magazine layout and would like to implement the stencil version as a hover effect for links.

The foundry selling it should therefore be able to host the type (have a web version).

Thank you!

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Web typography


I'm working on the design of a new online news platform. We want to use innovative ways of browsing through news and create the best possible reading experience on both desktop and mobile devices. I'm looking for information resources on excellent web typography. Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

Jeroen Disch,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Hey all.
Type Finder, a project I've been working on for quite some time as part of my senior thesis, launched today. The website asks viewers a series of questions, and based on the answers, displays a list of typefaces that match the requirements/feel/use.

I thought I'd reach out to other people interested interested in typography through this forum to promote the project (hopefully it is helpful to people looking for some new typefaces) and get some feedback and suggestions from anyone willing to share their thoughts!

Gabe Ferreira/Elijah Zapien

Check out this free typography course, maybe you will find it useful.

I've been trying to find a good online lettering class for a while. Its been very hard to find any class, let alone a good class. Any help or directions will be very appreciated.

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Font statistics


I feel like this must have popped up on this forum somewhere but can't seem to find anything. I'm interested in statistics on font use on the internet/computer. Things like how many fonts the average user has on their machine, how many different ones are used on websites (now that this is possible) and so on. Can anyone point me to reasonably reputable source/article? (I'm actually trying to create my own font - - but I'm also interested in the broader issue of typography on the web.)

Thank you very much,

Does anyone have any tips on creating TTF files for @font-face usage? I have a script going in fontforge to generate all the basic formats for online (ttf,eot,woff,svg) but my one issue is how to get the TTF into a protected format. I have seen people export the TTF before where you cannot just open it locally, or install it. I know its not 100% bullet proof, but I am just curious does anyone know how to do this, preferably in fontforge?

Hi, I am a graphic designer. I've been working for 2 years now. I design type alot, but haven't learnt how to make a font funtional. Are there any online type design courses? Not on using type in design, but actually designing type.


I have stumbled upon this website of rare calligraphy books all available for view online and .pdf download. There is some pretty amazing books on there.

check it out.

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